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Watch out, boys - here comes The Clique! The Briarwood boys have invaded the school and are taking over everything. So Clique captain Massie lays down the New Pretty Committee law: anyone caught with a crush on a boy will be thrown out of the gang for ever. But will she be able to stick to her own rules?...

Title : Bratfest At Tiffany's
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Bratfest At Tiffany's Reviews

  • Kerry
    2019-04-14 06:58

    The book Bratfest at Tiffany’s is a contemporary fiction book. This book is about five best friends, known as the Pretty Committee, who are the elite and popular girls in their used-to-be all girls’ school. Their brother school Briarwood Academy has collapsed because of burst pipes. Their popularity is threatened because the OCD girls are now obsessed with the boys. Because there are so many students in the school overflow trailers are needed, which the Pretty Committee decide to make-over. They make them look so good that everyone wants to be in their instead of Main Building. Meanwhile, they are on a Boyfast where they cannot interact with the BOCD boys. Alicia breaks this pact and is kicked out of the New Pretty Committee. In the end, Alicia gets to announce who will get to have classes in the overflow trailers, (the winners of the locker decorating contest). She decides to change the results and put the BOCD soccer boys and some new-and-improved Losers Beyond Repair in the trailers. In the end the Boyfast is called off and now there’s only a Boyfest. Alicia is let back into the back-to-normal Pretty Committee and all is as usual. I think the writing style is excellent because there is dialogue and thoughts from each person’s mind. An example of internal conflict is Claire and Massie secretly have crushes during the Boyfast. An external problem is when everyone has to compete for the trailers. I like this book because it is like the other in its series and there is always something intense going on. I recommend this book to teenage girls.Word Count:271

  • Kate
    2019-03-21 07:02

    Massie Block has had it with the new Briarwood boys stealing her and the Alpha's attention. She and her friends go on a boyfast, but are unsure of the consequences. Alicia Rivera and Claire Lyons can't resist two boys, so only Alicia secretly goes for it. An overflow also happens at the school so Massie, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire have to move into stinky trailers for the rest of the year. Massie can't take any more of Alicia or the trailers that she dumps Alicia and gives the trailers and the "Nerds" inside of it a makeover. Alicia can't help but notice how amazing the trailers and the people look, but she has already sacrificed her friendship with Massie. Later Massie finds a boy that she used to think was disgusting, but is now EXTREMELY cute. She tries to hold on, but in the end they all ditch the boyfast.

  • Karen
    2019-04-19 07:59

    The clique novels are....entertaining, but.....well I'm going to try my best to describe to you in non cuss words how much i hate them. Okay, I'll admit it, I've read a clique novel(well, maybe two). First of all, I hate the main characters.1) The "Pretty Comitte", as they call themselves, think they can control the world just because they're a bunch of spoiled, sneaky, little rich girls who have designer purses. They think they rule the school, and their leader, Massie Block, is the "alpha". They think they can order people around, and that boys should stop and check them out every time they walk by, and girls should stop and ooh and ah in jealousy and want to be just like them. Excuse me while I gag.2) As you already know, they're rich. In this novel, Massie block uses her wealth to change her classroom trailers she's been put into, into ridiculously luxurious "Tiffiny Boxes", which must have costed about 6,000 dollars. Obviously she has enough money to throw around with out a care in the world, and thinks that SHE'S got problems. In the book there is actually a line that expresses says what she's thinking when she gets put into the overflow classroom trailers: "This wasn't supposed to happen to her! Things like this happen to OTHER people. Ugly people!". First of all, I cannot even describe how stuck up that sounds. "Oh poor me, I get to take classes in a trailer even though I'm filthy rich". What about all the kids in India and New Dehli who are living in poverty with only ONE shirt to wear? They would probably LOVE to go to school, which most of them don't get to do, and would LOVE to get to be in a sheltered trailer to learn! It just irritates me so much how this frickin' pretty committe can't think of anything but themselves.

  • Jeannie
    2019-03-22 06:02

    This book is a realistic fiction about four girls and their drama filled lives. Their school, OCD, is overfilled with students and half over the school must transfer over to school trailers including the New Pretty Committee. The only member of the NPC who is not in the trailers is Alicia and while the trailer girls are on a boy fast, Alicia is with her crush and her new friends in the main building. Alicia loses her spot in the NPC when the girls find out she ditched them to be with her crush. The NPC try to turn the situation around and end up being the most popular girls in school. Massie, the leader of the NPC, is a character who deals with an internal and external conflict. She has to deal with moving into gross trailers while at the same time keep her Alpha status up. She also has to learn to not show any emotion of liking her crush (she says it is a sign of weakness) and make sure her friends don’t flirt either. Another conflict Massie deals with is getting back into the main building but after the trailers get redecorated, she will do anything to stay in them. I recommend this book to girls who like reading about drama. This book shows how girls overcome their problems in a “fashionable” way and in my opinion; I thought it was a good book.word count:237

  • Belle
    2019-03-30 06:12

    Ugh. I never thought this series was amazing or anything. Really. But the reaason why I continued to read them was becuase I found them entertaining and I did like the setting and the mood. But after reading this one, I don't think I'll be reading the rest. This book just turns utterly STUPID. The overall plot- the fact that massie and everyone is in a huge fight- should actually give the story some depth. But no. it's just dumb. the characters are turning less relatable by the freaking book.I hated it hated it, and I think it's safe to say this series has jumped the shark. I still will miss the witty and funny parts of the previous books.

  • Mya
    2019-04-16 05:00

    I think this one was one of my favorites

  • Grace T
    2019-04-21 05:15

    i really like these books they are a good story and i like the girls and how i can relate to some what what they got through. they are funny and quite long so its nice to just sit down and read one this one was of my favorites for sure.

  • Camille
    2019-04-19 01:52

    Lisi Harrison's Bratfest at Tiffany's shocked me with it's crazy and ridiculous drama.The setting of this book is taken at Massie's school. The school where at one point in time the school was all girls. Then, it's ruinedwhen boys are shoved in there. The setting makes the reader feel as if the reader is actually attending the school as well. It compares to the world we know because in reality there are a lot of schoolswhere drama goes down and everyone is affected by it. A contradiction from reality and the book would be that most schools aren't rich and not everyone is as completely cruel as the Pretty Committee.In this book, everything goes crazy when an all-boys school gets flooded and they have to move in an all girls school. The Pretty Committe does not approve of this combination of people because instead of their fancy spa filled, art, and fancy school they have to have classes in mod buildings. Massie Block, the head of The Pretty Committee, hates the idea. Also, the fact that the boys are taking over their popularity in school pushes Massie to the edge and now she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her popularity back. She's so willing that she even re-decorates the mod buildings into the unimaginable. The author for in this book makes the characters pop and make them seem more realistic. The style of Lisi Harrison is very interesting. She makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing the events themselves. She describes them with very descripitive words. Harrison is very specific with the clothes that they wear and they actions they do. She makes sure the reader catches the mood of a the person that is speaking.I recommend this book to anyone that loves to read about books that have a sense of humor and loves the thrilling action of drama books.

  • Dj M
    2019-04-21 01:00

    Bratfest at Tiffany's by Lisi Harrison is yet another book in The Clique series. This book, like the rest of Harrison's novels, was absolutely wonderful. In the story the girls begin 8th grade year with new male classmates that manage to take the Pretty Committee's popularity power. As the girls struggle to gain back their status, they encounter lying and backstabbing within the group. This book really highlights the ups and downs of friendships, as well as the importance of doing the right thing. One of the important parts to this story is when one member of the Pretty Committee leaves the group to be with a boy (the rest of the girls are on a "boyfast"). The gang acts in a way that is understandable but also a little irrational. In my eyes, guys come and go but friends are forever. Another aspect of the novel that I felt was important was when one of the girls had caused a disagreement in the group and she new that she needed to get everybody back together and fix the problem that she had caused. The group was very willing to accept the apology and together again the Pretty Committee was. I felt that this aspect of the story line was needed because every girl has gotten into fights with friends and it was nice for an author to show that it's okay to have problems in friendships and that they can be fixed easily. By writing Bratfest at Tiffany's Harrison was able to connect with her readers in a way that seemed greater than any other of her books. The storyline was extremely relatable and the words flowed off the page with great ease. I would absolutely recommend this book to any girl in her teens and I am willing to bet that those who do read won't be able to stand the wait for the next novel (just like myself).

  • Mr
    2019-04-10 06:02

    The Pretty Committee's worst nightmare came totally true. The Briarwood boys (due to the flood that destroyed their school) have been welcomed into OCD. Not only are they gross, but all the girls seem to pay more attention to them than the PC. It gets worse. The Briarwood boys need a soccer room. A.k.a, the PC's secret room! Dylan, Claire, Kristen, Massie and Alicia decide to start the NPC(the new pretty committee), a no boys group. Massie, Claire, Kristen, and Dylan are moved into hideous portables, while Alicia is secretly cuddling next to Josh Hotz. The NPC finds out and kick Alicia out! After a pep talk with a fashionista, the girls redecorate the portables to fabulous classrooms, in the form of Tiffany and Co. boxes! Everyone wants to be in the glamourous new portables, so OCD holds a raffle to see which students get to have classes in them. Massie uses it as payback and puts all of the NPC's boyish, manly ex-boyfriends in. Massie realizes she likes the new boy in school, and lets Alicia back in the group. Claire's dream came true when Cam realizes how much he needs her. Sophia JohnsPer 3about 300 pages

  • Annmarie
    2019-04-17 08:00

    Summary- Massie and the PC don't get caught bursting pipes at her their brother school, Briarwood Academy for Boys, but karma catches up to them when they have to share they have to sharetheirschool with the boys, including their old boyfriends. They steal all the attention and envy towards the Pretty Committee and they feel suffocated. The PC decides to go on a boyfast and if you get caught with a boy, you will be kicked out of the PC forever. Alicia, the only one that didn't get humiliated by a guy in the last book, doesn't think it's fair because she is in love with a boy named Josh. She ends up being kicked out of the PC and the only way back in is if he gets the boys to go away. Since the school got way overcrowded, they had these trailers that the students could learn in. Alicia got the boys to stay in there and became a part of the PC again.Main characters- Massie, Claire, Alicia, Dylan, and KristenSetting- SchoolRecommendation- I think this is the best Clique book so far so, I really recommend this book to anyone.

  • Bhavya
    2019-03-29 07:51

    2.75 starsThe one good thing about this book/series is that it is not repetitive, like the other books in same genré. And dare I say it, a tad more believable. (Nod at Gossip Girl). That being said, I don't know why do I even it pick up when its so not my cup of tea. I like my girls badass-like. Totally-rocked-your-world, definitely-knows-it, but-doesn't-care type. The ones who have their priorities straightened up. You know what I mean. I like my heroines sassy, not Massie. :pRegardless, I am gonna see this through. Because at the end of the day, one thing you can me for sure is an optimist. So, here's to optimism.

  • Muse
    2019-04-01 03:05

    GAH. This book brings me terrible memories when I used to be in LOVE with these books. *headdesk* SHAME ON YUE. SHAME. D: UGGGHH... I can't believe I wasted my life reading this *very dirty word*To be frank, the idea of this novel sucks. These girls are snotheaded *another very bad word* I'm not sure if she's doing it on purpose, but by this book, I was ready to stab it. (Unfortunately, it was a copy from the library)I DON'T FREAKING CARE ABOUT THE PROBLEMS OF AN AIRHEADED RICH GIRL. OH MY GODDESS. I COULD DO SO MUCH MORE WITH MY LIFE THAN DO THIS.*breathes and calms down*OR DO I?lol. XDOkaaay, done with ranting now hunns. O_OOR AM I?!Jaykay. Breathe and relax. The end. :)

  • Elizabethcd96
    2019-04-03 07:03

    Loved it!!!!

  • Imaani
    2019-04-18 00:15

    I hated the ending. Massie is such a brat. The ending made me SO frustrated!!!

  • Deepika
    2019-04-06 04:14

    One of the best books in this series

  • Lucy Gensler
    2019-04-01 04:13

    Pretty good book, loved the drama and storyline, except the valley girl talk was extremely annoying! Otherwise a great fun story!

  • 706Kaya
    2019-04-08 23:58

    This book is pretty good, dealing with finding your own voice and standing up.

  • Anna Willi
    2019-03-22 08:09

    Super good.

  • Tiffany Spencer
    2019-03-22 01:53

    Bratfest at Tiffany's (The Clique) 9PLOT Massey forms the NPC (New Pretty Committee) after discovering their ex's (the Briarwood Soccer boys) take over not only her Alpha status but the PC's table and secret meeting room in the basement. The secret room was passed down to them by the 8th grade Alpha's last year. So to seal their bond she gives the NPC bracelets, along with a threat that if they so much LOOK at a boy there out on their ass! Dylan's cool with it. Kristen's and Claire a little uncomfortable with it, but go along with it. Alicia knows this will be a problem because her crush still wants her back. So when she finds out certain tables will be sent to a new facility because the school is getting overcrowded, Alicia and Josh plot to have the boys take over the PC's table and send the members to the back which will be the table's that are moved. MY THOUGHTS: I think with this one I didn't take any notes but I was actually impressed by what Massie did with the trailers. They sounded AH MAZING! One of the better things Massie has EVER done in in this series. Truthfully the ONLY nice thing Massie's done in this series. As well as build up her classmate's confidence by helping them all look their best. Even though (as always) she did it for her own selfish reasons. But that's where my praise for Massie ends. I can't say I blame Alicia for going behind her back with Josh. I'm single but just because I'm single I don't demand my friends to be the same or I cut them off. What kind of nonsense is that? Being a real leader means even when things suck in your own romantic life sometimes you have to painfully just suck it up and watch your friends have success in their own dating lives. And you can't do a damn thing about it but put on a fake ass smile. I think this was also the one where Claire had to sit back and watch her boyfriend become half of a parent-hood with Olivia. Which I did kind of feel for Claire having to watch all that. I also knew that the secret room thing was too good to be true, but I thought it was shady as hell for the 8th graders to not tell them they were gonna take it all with them and just live them with the room. But well it is their stuff. Soo... Even though it does kind of make sense that they would. Still, they could have AT LEAST mentioned it. "Oh, and by the way, everything you see is coming with us." Massie probably would have done her thing and made it PC worthy again but maybe I don't know picking a secret place that's not a part of a SCHOOL's property. Because how lame is it to hang there when school isn't in?RATING: 7. It's higher than I usually give Clique books but I loved the transformations Massie did!

  • Jazmine
    2019-04-09 23:46

    The Pretty Committee’s ideal world is flipped upside down as the Briarwood boys are moved into OCD. Massie decides that because of their horrible experience with their ex-crushes that the New Pretty Committee bonded by their Tiffany charm bracelets is officially on a boy fast. Massie expects this to bring them closer together; on the contraire, it breaks them apart. Claire is still mourning losing Cam and is envious of his new crush, the gorgeous Olivia. Kristen made a new crush over the summer; however, she tells them she had lied to keep it a secret during the boy fast. Alicia feels it is unjust for she and Josh were still going strong. They meet in secret, until the perfect opportunity for them to bond freely comes about as the school becomes too crowded and student at the first few tables will be sent to attend class in overflow trailers. They plot for the boys that had broken the girls’ hearts and their crushes including Alicia to sit at the NPC’s usual table, number eighteen. This gets the other girls into the trailers and leaves Alicia to spend all day with Josh. The NPC are stuck in the trailers with the LBRs are furious for the boys have taken control of Briarwood, and the only thing they had expected to have no matter what, the secret room, has been removed from their possession as well as it is now taken over by the boys’ soccer team. They are even displayed on the news while Alicia and the others Main Building residers are as well. They recognize that Alicia has a pink cap similar to Josh’s. They confront Alicia about her true intentions of getting herself into the Main Building as they realize that she is still associating herself with Josh. Alicia is removed from the NPC. Alicia misses them more and more, wishing ever so badly that she could be with Josh and still have her best friends. Also on the news they put down those in the trailers by saying they were chosen to be in them because they were different and had special needs. This inspires Massie to makeover the trailers based on the NPC’s designs and the LBRs. It all turns out fabulous; however, it seems Massie is falling for former LBR having made himself over during the summer, Dempsey. The MBs parents complain about the unfairness of them getting to have start of the art facilities, so a locker (or suitcase for the overflow students) designs contest will be held and the winners will get to stay in the Tiffany box trailers. Cam admits to Claire that he misses her and wants her back, but due to the boyfast she does not respond to his plea. Alicia reaches out to the NPC to ask for forgiveness, and Massie comes up with a way she can earn it. Alicia must replace the winners with the names of the soccer boys that broke their hearts including Josh, allowing them to rule the Main Building once more. She also asks for Alicia to place Dempsey in the MB. Massie declares the boyfast officially over making them once more the Pretty Committee. The PC is stronger than ever, back on top at OCD. It was interesting to see how the different characters handled the boyfast and it was very suspenseful. I did not expect that the boyfast would tear them apart. The characters were further developed for a person’s true character is shown when they must face adversity. The overflow makeover was creative, original, and enjoyable. I also liked that the characters of the boys and the wannabes were developed in this novel for before I didn’t know as much about them and their relationships. It had a happy ending, and I can’t wait to read the Summer Collection and the rest of the Clique novels.

  • Alexa
    2019-04-20 08:01

    Massie Block decides after seeing the entire Pretty Committee being dumped at Skye's party that they need to give up on boys. Massie declares a 'boy fast,' and soon the PC is transformed into the NPC (New Pretty Committee). But with the boys at "BOCD", the NPC's popularity as they know it takes a turn for the worse. The boys are the new alphas, and Massie Block must do everything she can to maintain her 8th grade alpha status. She gives each girl a Tiffany charm bracelet with 5 initials hanging off each; M, A, C, K, and D and a heart on it, before declaring that if anyone in the NPC is caught with a boy, they will be kicked out of the NPC for good. The boyfast is then sealed with a ceremonial poem that Massie drafted for the occasion. This is a hard change for Alicia, who has finally found someone who truly loves her for what she is, and whom she truly loves as well, Josh Hotz. This is equally hard for Kristen, who found a boy she liked a lot and hung out with over the summer, Dune. As for Claire who still loves Cam Fisher and later on finds out that Cam replaced her with the pretty, but brainless, blonde-with-a-third-nose-job, Olivia Ryan. When Claire first arrives at her new coed health class, it is announced that the girls were to pick a boy's name out of a jar, and that the couple would be raising a freakishly realistic baby. Olivia and Cam are paired together, and the teacher coincidentally has Claire join their group as a 'stepmom'. Claire luckily later is switched to the overflow trailers with the rest of the NPC, where they are taught everything including health class, freeing her from the drudgery of the project. In order to spend time together without Massie's interference (and the boyfast), Josh and Alicia devise a plan. They secretly read Principal Burns' announcements which reveal that anyone sitting at tables 1-10 the next day will be moved to trailers in OCD's parking lot. Their plan turns out successful and the NPC who were forced to sit at table 2 (excluding Alicia) are sent to trailers to continue their schooling. Winkie Porter (from the six o'clock local news) reports that Olivia and Cam were "the cutest couple".Massie begins to develop a secret crush on Dempsey a former LBR who transformed in to a "Total Babe" in one summer, even though boyfast was her idea. Claire also flirts with Dempsey to get Cam jealous. Another thing that happens towards the end of the book is that Cam and Olivia's relationship begins to get rough, because Olivia is a terrible mother to their baby, Kate (named after Olivia's Kate Spade tote). After a few days, Massie can't take the NPC's social failure decides it is time for action. She then hires the image consultant of The Daily Grind (Dylan's mom's). Cam approaches Claire at the end of the book but Claire starts to cry, so she runs away and finds baby Kate,who is stuffed in Olivia's hobo bag in her locker. At the end Cam texts Claire telling her she's the only one for him. Massie finds this text and tells Claire to give her her bracelet. Massie proceeds and takes Kristen's and Dylan's. Then Massie shimmies off her own bracelet and pronounces the boyfast officially over. Also Alicia is rejoined in the PC for switching the names of the contest winners to go into the trailers next with the ex-crushes.

  • Aspen Leviere
    2019-04-04 23:57

    Bratfest at Tiffany’s The main conflicts in this book are between the members of the “NPC” (new pretty committee). If it sounds like a bunch of stuck up, snobby, rich, designer purse owning, 8th grade teenage girls that think that they can rule the world it is. So pretty much, Massie (NPC’s leader) made up this dumb new boyfast rule for the “NPC”. It never used to be this way. The boys went to Briarwood and the girls went to Octavian Country Day School that was how it used to be. The “NPC” were the most popular girls in school and the richest. However, when Briarwood closed down because of burst pipes the school got crowded and their ‘’alpha’’ status was in jeopardy. To solve the crowded problem OCD school put overflow trailers in the parking lot. The five girls in the “NPC”, Claire, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Massie all got sent into the trailers except Alicia. Alicia had a secret crush that convinced her to break boyfast rules and to stay in the main building with him. When Massie found out, she was furious and freaked like snobby rich girls do. Massie threw Alicia out of the “NPC” as if it is hers which it basically is. Then as you probably predicted Alicia’s crush did not last and she begged Massie to let her back into the “NPC”. This plot is extremely boring. I mean what girl in eighth grade wears all designer clothes and has $6,000 just to drop on anything? This book was so predictable it was boring and a waste of time to read. The characters were well….. um mean? Arrogant? Snobby? Spoiled? Bratty? Cocky? Annoying? Yes. The main problem in the book is that Massie’s friend likes a boy. Um excuse me am I the only who thinks this is ridiculous when there is starving people in the world that don’t even have a place to sleep at night? Oh and another tragic problem, in Massie’s life? The people at her school do not stop and stare and ooh and aahh at her and her “friends” anymore. In addition, Massie is so incredibly rich that she decides she can take over the overflow trailers and transform them. Therefore, she makes them into “tiffany” boxes that cost about $6.000 each. If I had that much money to throw around I could find a million other ways to spend it for better purposes to help people. However, she does not think of other people or their feelings. This book strongly irritates me because none of these girls thinks about anyone else but themselves. The author’s style and voice was the only thing I liked in this book. The author made the girls in this book sound so cocky that it was funny. Lisi Harrison (the author) used words like nawt and ah-mazing to make it sound like they were super bratty, which they were. I also loved how she made it sound like it was the end of the world when boys came to her school. However, it was dramatic and I did not like it for that. One thing I did like was how she described everything in so much detail that I could picture everything in my mind. Over all Lisi could write some phenomenal books if they did not have anything to do with petty drama and snobby rich girls.

  • Ian Wood
    2019-04-10 06:02

    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three-fifths worth reading! The only reason I've relented and started putting stars up there is to credit the good ones, which were being unfairly uncredited. So, all you'll ever see from me is a five-star or a one-star (since no stars isn't a rating, unfortunately).I rated this book WARTY!WARNING! MAY CONTAIN UNHIDDEN SPOILERS! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!Today's Tiffany day on my blog. I'm reviewing two novels with the name 'Tiffany' in the title. The first of these is named after the 1950s Truman Capote novella titled: Breakfast at Tiffany's This is why I fell in love with the title of this novel even though it's the kind of novel I'd normally avoid like the plague. It was on close-out, so I thought, "What the hell? Let's take it for a spin and see how badly it drives!"I was rather surprised, then to discover that I didn't immediately hate it, even as I couldn't figure out if this was: A sly parody of Valley-Girl-style, spoiled-rotten clique kids A truly cynical method of defrauding teens of their discretionary-spending allowance OR A morality tale about the crippling effect of chronic self-absorption.But then, who reads this stuff, seriously? And why?! You can hardly blame an author if people voluntarily cough-up money to read what she writes. The problem for me was that in the end, the novel didn't do anything for me. It seemed completely content to do nothing more than extol the vacuous lives of thoroughly misguided kids who had no ambition, and who are obsessed with cliques and clothes, and have no mind for anything else. It was truly sad how blind these children were to reality.There were parts I hated, such as the purposeful misspelling of words ("nawt" for "not" for example) and stretching out the 'a' in any word which begun with it, such as aah-dorable (which it wasn't). The endless repetition of "Ehmagosh" and "Whatevs", and even worse, the designer names which were trotted out (pretty much every other page) in tandem with every single item of clothing that was mentioned. In short it quickly became nauseating and the saddest thing of all was that nothing had changed by the end of the novel. The kids hadn't grown, and they had learned diddly-squat. I cannot recommend this.

  • Ray
    2019-03-21 06:11

    Bratfest at Tiffany's is #9 in Lisi Harrison's "The Clique," revolving around the "Pretty Committee," the most powerful and exclusive clique of the all-girls Octavian Country Day School in Westchester, NY. Continuing the story from the twist ending of the last book, it also serves as a slight teaser for the "Summer Collection," a collection of side stories featuring each member of the Pretty Committee on summer vacation.Plot: With the combining of OCD and Briarwood Academy, the girls are faced with a new threat to their popularity: boys! Not willing to stand for anybody stealing away their attention, Massie Block makes the rest of the Committee swear off boys forever - but will the "boy fast" last?As this book continues the plotline that began in It's Not Easy Being Mean, the themes and narrative become especially repetitive. The girls carry over their angst and unresolved issues with boys (with the added drama alluded from the Summer Collection), Claire's obsession with Cam Fischer is still as annoying as ever, and Dylan's body image issues are still as disturbing as ever.Primarily for teen girls; male readers may be put off by the pacing and genre. Girls who love fashion will greatly enjoy the descriptions of clothing within this book. Older readers nostalgic for high school "slice-of-life" stories may also highly enjoy this. Many readers may be put off by potentially negative messages and other controversial or offensive content.Positive: - Not much - Reading level: Medium (a few hours)Negative: - the girls display many unhealthy attitudes and behaviors towards boys and vice-versa, with Claire and Dylan being arguably the worst offendersOther similar works by the author:- The Clique series, of which this is Book #9- Alphas, a spin-off series revolving around Skye Hamilton who is introduced in It's Not Easy Being MeanSimilar works by other authors:- The "Castle Heights" series (Cindy Ella, Geek Charming, Little Miss Red, Wicked Jealous) by Robin Palmer (superior writing and characterization, more positive messages)- The "Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker" series by Robin Palmer (superior writing and characterization, more positive messages)- "The A-List" by Zoey Dean (flatter writing, even more negative messages and controversial content)- "How My Personal, Private Journal Become a National Best-Seller" by Julia DeVillers (more positive messages)- "Secrets of My Hollywood Life" by Jen Calonita (better narrative, more positive messages)Other Notes:Readers will probably have greater enjoyment of this book if they read the entirety of the Summer Collection (Massie, Dylan, Alicia, Kristen, Claire) first.

  • Nicole
    2019-03-26 03:48

    This book is about Massie and Claire and Alicia and Kristen and Dylan are all starting a thing called boyfast it is where they can not date boys because they all broke up with their old boyfriends because the boys were being mean to them. All except Alicia broke up with there boyfriends. They got bracelets that had all their initials on them and if you had a boyfriend you had to get your bracelet taken away and also the others had to take of your initial and throw it in the fire. Alicia still had her boyfriend and Massie found out and Alicia got her bracelet taken away and the others had to throw their A's into the fire. Then because the boys moved into the girls school they had to have the people at tables 1-10 move into overflow trailers. But the soccer boys (old boyfriends) sat at the PC's table and made the PC sit at table 2 so that they would have to move into the trailers. The whole PC had to move into the trailers except Alicia because she went to table 18 where they normally would sit while the PC was moving in to the trailers. She got to stay in the main building it was part of her and Josh's plan so she could stay. Then Massie transformed the trailers into Tiffany and Co. boxes so that people would be jealous of her again. Then Alicia tries to apoligies for choosing Josh Hotz over her and Massie doesnt acccept Alicia's apoligie until Alicia gets the boys out of the school. At the end they have a locker decorating compition to see who gets to be in the Trailers for a while. And Alicia had to announce who had to go in the trailers next. So to make Massie happy she Makes up her own list and makes the boys go into the trailers even though they dont want to go. In the end everyone has a secret crush. Cam really wants Claire back and so he texts her and Massie looks at it so she has yo give in her bracelet. Kristen has a crush that gave her a neckalace and Massie found out it was a boy and so then Kristen has to give in her bracelet. Dylan talked to some boys she started crushing on them and they were crushing on her so then she had to give hers in and Alicia was still in love with Josh but she already gave hers in. So in the end they gave up the Boyfast Group thing. And in the end they were very good friends again. THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD AND WONDERFUL AND SUSPENSFUL AND WEIRDLY ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zakiya LadyWings
    2019-03-27 06:51

    Bratfest at Tiffany's is the ninth installment in the Clique series by Lisi Harrison about 4 popular Westchester, NY, girls and a newcomer from Orlando, FL.Synopsis: New Year. New Pretty Committee. New LBRs?Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking over everything. Worse, the soccer boys have become so popular that the Pretty Committee's alpha status is in serious jeopardy. So Massie lays out a New Year-New Pretty Committee rule: Anyone caught crushing on a boy will be thrown out of the NPC--forever. But will she able to follow her own decree when she sees that Derrington has ditched his shorts-obession in favor of ah-dorable jeans?Alicia Rivera: Is the opposite of onboard with the boyfast. Her cruhs, the Ralph Lauren-luh-ving Josh Hotz, is more irresistable than creme brulee fro-yo. But is he worth losing her spot in the NPC? And taking on the wrath of Massie?Dylan Marvil: Is so ready for the boyfast. She's straightened her unruly red hair and permanently pressed boys out of her life. If only she could do the same with curly fries and caramel popcorn.Kristen Gregory: Has traded her sporty-chic Pumas for Billabong board shorts and a shark tooth necklace. She claims she's sworn off boy-crushes, so what's with her Blue Crush makeover?Claire Lyons: Spent all summer thinking about Cam's one blue eye and one green eye. But now he's moved on to a new girl faster than you can say cuh-yutest couple. At least Claire finally has a secure spot in the NPPPC--unless jealousy-flirting breaks the boyfast. . . .My Review: I really liked Bratfest at Tiffany's as I knew I would; it was a good book to continue the series. I thought it was pretty selfish, helpful, but also very controlling how Massie made the NPC give up their crushing/flirting habits. I have read it twice now, and I think it was better the second time. In my opinion, it was very brave of Alicia to go behind Massie's back and sabatoge the NPC to be with Josh Hotz.I found it really cool how Massie transformed the "overflow trailers" into enlarged Tiffan'ys boxes; it also fascinated me at how she changed all the LBRs that were in the 8th grade trailer with her. I would have loved to have been there. Overall, I would give this book a four-star rating. It was good, and I would recommend it to anyone---as long as they read the first eight books first! :)

  • Kieli
    2019-04-19 02:53

    I didn't like this book as much as the other Clique books, it was really different from the other books(and I'm not talking plot-wise, I mean the characters just didn't seem the same) and the plot wasn't very exciting either. I was hoping they would try to come up with some sort of plan to either get their boyfriends back or get revenge on them, instead of having a boy fast and acting like they did, which was, I don't know, they just seemed really anxious all the time, except for Dylan who didn't have a secret crush, like all of the other girls did. Even Massie, who created the boy fast, began crushing on a used-to-be-LBR named Dempsey. It was kind of interesting to see how each girl acted with having a secret crush during the boy fast, but it wasn't as exciting as it could have been, in fact, it was kind of lame. And Alicia got kicked out of the Clique for having a stupid is that? They shouldn't have even been on a boy fast, unless they wanted to, but only Massie and Dylan wanted to. And even Massie didn't want to when she started liking Dempsey, but she couldn't tell her friends that. So yeah it just all seemed kind of pathetic. And of course at the end they (view spoiler)[end the boy fast and Alicia is let back in to the Clique. (hide spoiler)] I knew that would happen eventually. So what was the point of the whole thing? And I must say I read this book and all of the other Clique books (including the ones after this one) a long time ago, and I must say after "Sealed With A Diss" the books were not the same anymore. I don't know if it was because the girls were now in eighth grade and the author was trying to change it up a little bit, or because she was simply running out of ideas. It seemed like all of the plots were almost similar and kind of forced, after this book. The only one that was decent after this one was "P.S I Loathe You" but even that book had its dull moments. And the Clique Summer Books were really pointless and boring. We learn the main details of their summer at the beginning of this book, so why did we need more books explaining the pointless, boring details of their summers? I'm just saying Lisi kind of wasted her time with those ones, in my opinion. I know some other people who feel the same way though. But anyways like I said this book was okay but not the best.

  • luhvBOOKS
    2019-04-18 03:00

    Title: Bratfest at Tiffany'sAuthor: Lisi HarrisonSeries: The Clique #9Rating: ★★★★Summary: New Year. New Pretty Committee. New LBRs?Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking over everything. Worse, the soccer boys have become so popular that the Pretty Committee's alpha status is in serious jeopardy. So Massie lays out a New Year-New Pretty Committee rule: Anyone caught crushing on a boy will be thrown out of the NPC-"forever." But will she be able to follow her own decree when she sees that Derrington has ditched his shorts-obsession in favor of ah-dorable jeans? Alicia Rivera: Is the opposite of onboard with the boyfast. Her crush, the Ralph Lauren-luh-ving Josh Hotz, is more irresistible than creme brule fro-yo. But is he worth losing her spot in the NPC? And taking on the wrath of Massie? Dylan Marvil: Is so ready for the boyfast. She's straightened her unruly red hair and permanently pressed boys out of her life. If only she could do the same with curly fries and caramel popcorn. Kristen Gregory: Has traded her sporty-chic Pumas for Billabong board shorts and a shark tooth necklace. She claims she's sworn off boy-crushes, so what's with her "Blue Crush" makeover? Claire Lyons: Spent all summer thinking about Cam's one blue eye and one green eye. But now he's moved on to a new girl faster than you can say cuh-yutest couple. At least Claire finally has a secure spot in the NPC-unless jealousy-flirting breaks the boyfast... The Clique... the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.Review: A boyfast when Briarwood boys are sharing your school and you have sex ed with them? Not a good combination and not good timing. The struggles of middle-school and boys that we can finally relate to. Hearts are broken, comedy is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the boys are hotter than ever. Looks like Massie is no longer head of "her" school.Things I Loved: Pretty much everything. The plot, the character development, etc.Things I Hated: You can get a headache from all the "Clique" talk.

  • Nancy
    2019-03-31 01:01

    Let me just start off by saying that, although I’ve read just about every series that’s related to rich girls getting what they want (Gossip Girl, The A-List, The It Girl, Private) The Clique series is one of my favorites. I know, surprising, considering these books are about 7th and 8th graders and my preferred ages ranges from 15-18. It’s not exactly childish, though some of the words that Lisi Harrison made up herself is, but there’s something about this series that’s really refreshing. It’s the only time I can read a book about this particular subject that doesn’t make roll my eyes or want to strangle the few spoiled main characters. I guess it helps that they’re just in junior high and doesn’t understand any better. With that said, it brings me to the other thing I’ve noticed about The Clique. There’s no cursing. I don’t use the f-curse, but I do say crap and—you get the idea. Most books these days include the f-curse and many others just so they can show a presence of teenage slang and rebellion. The authors desperately want to show the world that by inserting outraged cursing when the characters are pissed off, it helps the reader relate. Yes, that’s true, but most of the time, I just stare at the book and wonder if it’s really necessary. Sometimes, the curses seem so randomly put that it doesn’t even make sense. Or other times, it’s spat out from a decent character that should never utter something like that. With Lisi Harrison’s novels though, there isn’t a need for any usage of profanity to get her messages across, whether she wants her readers to sympathize or whatever. And that, I think, is what authors need to learn to do. Not everyone likes the f-curse. Not everyone wants to see that word two pages into the book when the protagonist is screaming about how unfair the world is. But when your main character is an cynical tough-girl with a sharp tongue, cursing will definitely fit the book. Just you know, don’t overdo it. I hate when that happens. Teens aren’t THAT foul-mouthed.