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Fate - the second installment in the My Blood Approves series... Alice Bonham thinks she's finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo. Jack - her sorta vampire boyfriend - keeps her at arm's length to keep her safe. As for his brother Peter... she's not sure where he's at, or what he wants with her. Worse still, she's nFate - the second installment in the My Blood Approves series... Alice Bonham thinks she's finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo. Jack - her sorta vampire boyfriend - keeps her at arm's length to keep her safe. As for his brother Peter... she's not sure where he's at, or what he wants with her. Worse still, she's not even sure what she wants with Peter. When tragedy happens, Alice finds herself struggling with a terrible choice. Her decision has consequences that reach farther than she'd ever imagined......

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Fate Reviews

  • Kim
    2018-11-14 06:48

    I'm still struggling with how many stars I should give this, but I think I'll settle for 2,5.In one of the first chapters, Milo slips, breaks his neck and then Alice has To decide to either let her brother die or to let them turn him into a vampire. She tells Jack to turn him and then spends some time blaming him for 'doing that to Milo'. O_O & --> this is what my face looked like while I read that part. If you think that's selfish then brace yourself.Milo is a new vampire and he needs to adjust to his new life. He needs to learn how to control himself, how to feed, how to live, what do to,... and that takes time. Alice thinks that time should be spent on her, of course. And she's jealous of the fact that Milo is crushing on Jack, who isn't even gay.To make up for it, Jack takes Alice and Milo to a vampire club, but since Alice is the shiny new object that catches everybody's attention, they have to leave because she is so delicious. She even manages to make two new enemies, who desperately want to do a lot of stuff to her, and I'm not even sure what all of that is, but I do know I wouldn't be able to watch it if they ever turn it into a movie. We meet them again when Milo thinks it's a good idea to go to a non-vampire gay club with Alice and Jane. Milo and Jane get it on, while Alice manages to get herself almost killed. Again. They fight, they get away, Milo loses too much blood and bites Jane and from that point on Jane wants nothing more than to get into Milo's still gay pants (and apparently considers certain painful operations to get past that obstacle).Peter is gone for almost the entire book (and I didn't mind one bit to be honest), so Jack and Alice keep doing their mating dance, where they make each other crazy, without really doing anything. After getting herself almost killed for a third time (le sigh) Jack takes her up to his room to comfort her and finally bites her. And then everybody is running around in circles because Peter will kill both of them.Peter comes home, he fights with Jack, and then it all went pretty quickly because suddenly Jack is feeding Alice his blood and telling her they should run away together. I still don't like Alice but I could tolerate her more, probably because she was asleep/unconscious for 54% of the book. I hope Vampire!Alice is more likable. At first, I didn't like Vampire!Milo but he kinda grew on me and now he's right behind Jack as far as my favorite characters go.What else... Again there were a lot of descriptions of what people are wearing, that's something that annoyed me in My Blood Approves as well. I like to get an idea of what somebody looks like, but I don't really need to know what brands everybody is wearing every time they change their outfit.So on to Flutter now, I guess.

  • Courtney Wells
    2018-12-04 01:50

    Man, this series definitely belongs on my "dramarama" shelf because that is seriously the driving force of these books.Still a funny read, I think the vampire mythos here is interesting. Would like more substance to the plot - like a story arc or compelling antagonists - rather than "we make all our own problems" relationship drama. That said, I keep turning pages and enjoy myself so a lot more is going right than wrong. And I'll be continuing on to the next.

  • Dorsi
    2018-12-04 06:10

    I would have rated this book a 3 until the end. So much time was spent on Alice being isolated and miserable! I hope in the future books Alice is a more likable character. So far she has been whiny, self centered (EVERYTHING is about her), and sluggish. She has no drive to do ANYTHING! She has no interests, no motivation, no pizazz, nothing! All she does is sit around & feel sorry for herself. She can't even make an attempt to try to do well in school. She sleeps through her classes and lets everyone cater to her. She can barely even pick out her own clothes! Why on Earth everyone is so taken with her I will never understand. The only thing she puts effort into is whining and bellyaching! Shut up! As much as Alice gets on my nerves, I still have hope for her to grow up and start having a real personality. I LOVE Jack! Alice does not deserve him. I also like Milo. I can even like Peter, at least he has real reasons for his actions!The end of this book was really good so I bumped it up to 4 stars. I have high hopes for the next book.

  • Ro
    2018-11-18 04:49

    Este libro continúa la historia de Instinto, el primer libro de la saga Lazos de Sangre. El primer libro no me gustó mucho, pero le di una oportunidad al segundo porque de verdad que había disfrutado leyendo su predecesor.En Hado otras tramas son abiertas, por lo que ya la historia no se basa solamente en Alice con su raro triángulo amoroso en plan incesto. Milo se convirtió en un vamprio, Peter sigue desaparecido y hay unos nuevos vampiros por allí que tendrán algo en contra de nuestros protagonistas.Creía que este libro sería mejor por toda la trama de Milo siendo un vampiro, pero, oh, qué equivocada que estaba. Y es que resulta que todas las tramas que la autora abre en este libro son estúpidas, o las maneja mal, o una mezcla idiota de ambas. Quedé muy decepcionada, porque dejé pasar todas las similitudes (copias) de Instinto con Crepúsculo porque creía que sería sólo una base para una saga mucho más grande y diferente. La autora podría haber explorado millones de cosas en este libro, ido por cualquier camino, y se quedó con la fácil y nos dio unas tramas de lo más simplonas, sosas y sin punto. ¿Por qué esforzarse para hacer algo grande si puedes prolongar un estúpido drama adolescente por 5 libros?Algo que me gustó del libro anterior fue lo mucho que lo disfruté, pero eso no sucedió con este libro. Me encontré a mí misma obligándome a terminarlo, sintiendo cada página como un dolor agudo en el interior del estómago y contando las páginas una y otra vez para cada capítulo. No sé si tiene que ver con el estilo de escritura de la autora, o que la trama no me interesaba para nada, pero este libro no me enganchó en absoluto; podía dejarlo en cualquier momento que hubiera muerto en paz.Y esa es la cuestión: no me importaba. No me importaba lo que estaba sucediendo, no logré implicarme en la historia, por lo que me hubiera dado igual que todos murieran al final a que los personajes se enfrascaran en una orgía masiva a medio libro.También llegó el punto en que quedé algo saturada entre tanta lectura paranormal que estaba llevando y necesitaba un break, por lo que los vampiros precisamente no ayudaron.Los personajes fueron la cosa más estúpida de la vida.Y no estoy hablando de Jack y Milo (que esos me caen bastante bien), sino de Mae, Ezra, Jane... todos esos personajes que simplemente me hacen fruncir el ceño, que ni siquiera logran despertar una gota de nada en mí. Peter es el único personaje que más o menos podría haber salvado el libro, pero apenas apareció.Pero el personaje más frustrante de todos es Alice. Se la pasa medio libro culpando a todo el mundo por cosas que, o nadie tiene la culpa, o de las que ella misma es la culpable. ¿Y el resto del libro? Lamentándose en su apartamento por su poca vida social y su incapacidad de seducir a Jack, o prejuzgando a la gente de esa manera que me saca de quicio. Odio esta protagonista con toda mi alma, más le valdría estar muerta.Las reacciones de los personajes ante determinadas situaciones son siempre absurdas e irrealistas. Desde Alice cabreada con Milo por casi morir hasta Mae y Ezra intentando rogarle a Alice que no tenga sexo con su hijo adoptivo. Tan estúpido como suena.En este libro todas esas cosas machistas y sinsentido se siguen repitiendo. Como el hecho de que Alice esté destinada a Peter sin razón aparente, o que si Jack está con Alice, a Peter no le quedará más opción que matarlo. O los personajes se están ahogando en un vaso de agua o la autor tiene que hacer serias explicaciones, porque de otra manera es imposible que pueda soportar esta saga.Este libro es tan absurdo, tan idiota, tan estúpido... Comenzó siendo un placer culpable, pero se terminó convirtiendo en una tortura masoquista. Y si continúo con esta saga es por idiota. Ni siquiera el final me movió un pelo, aunque estoy segura de que intentó ser "impactante". Así que no. No les recomiendo este libro. Es más, manténganse tan alejados de él como puedan; no lo toquen ni con un palo.

  • Martin Sharlow
    2018-12-08 02:08

    The more I read this series, the more I like it. I find that the characters have become real people to me, and I care about whats going to happen to them. There are some interesting things that happen in this book Milo has more time in the book, and you get to know Jane a bit better.Top that off with learning more about the vampire scene and stalking vampires that are not as friendly as Jacks family, and I think this book will hold your interest.I gave it 4 instead of a 5 because the grammar issues's were worse then the last book. Enough that it made me stubble a few times grasping for missing words etc. Also Alice is a real pain, and she needs to get a clue in this book. She is my least favorite character in this one, and it blows me away that after all she's been through in the last book, she could think that Jack and family were kicking her to the curb.Her depression just may of needed some meds, as she really over reacted to the situation. Not that I don't know real people in life that would of reacted the same way, it's just I had this impression form the first book that she was smarter then that. My recommendation is if you like Vamps in romance and not as monsters, then this book is for you.

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2018-11-17 07:01

    I'm so glad I started reading this series! Just when you think you have the plot figured out, something comes along and changes everything for the better! I really liked where the author took "Fate". The story started off fast with a shocking story line I never expected. I did think the middle part dragged slightly but the ending truly makes up for that leaving you wanting more! I can not wait to read more of the Peter/Alice/Jack love triangle but I think I am secretly hoping Peter wins - even though I love Jack! :) A great second book leaving me wanting to read more!

  • lovelylifeofanna
    2018-11-21 05:01

    Bei diesen Büchern ist es ein ewiges Hin und Her. Amanda Hocking schreibt dermaßen gut, dass die Spannung immer da ist und man auch auf jeden Fall weiterlesen möchte. Bei der Geschichte hapert es jedoch an manchen Ecken erheblich. So schwankt man als leser immer von Beigeisterung zu Kopfschütteln und wieder zurück. Aber eines ist klar: Auch hier lese ich direkt weiter. :)

  • Starry
    2018-11-15 23:55

    Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her. (Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened). Anyways...the big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can't be together because her "blood bond" dictates that she belongs with Peter and Peter has the right to kill her and Jack if Jack gets too friendly with Alice. This is really rough for Alice because her body tells her she belongs with Peter but her heart belongs to Jack but they can't give into each other. And the really sucky part is - Peter doesn't want her - but he will kill both of them if jack and alice's relationship goes too far.Alice feels like she is not very loved in this book, and with good reason in my opinion. Things happen to make her feel alienated from her family and her new vampire friends.Alice deciding whether the path of a vampire is really the right path for her to take. She asks herself whether this is really the life she's meant to live, and these reflections are starkly exampled in metaphorical events that make her realize, for the very first time, that vampires aren't human. After this dawning revelation, Alice then understands for the first time that Jack and his family aren't human. After she realizes that the Townsends are predators, new shades begins to unfold about the characters. We learn of patriarchal Ezra's past, and see that even now, although he behaves and acts pleasant for the most part, he has very cold and uncaring moments. In one sense, what semblance of humanity he's managed to hold onto cares very much for Alice; on the other hand, the vampire in him rises now and then, and cares little whether Alice lives or dies. This is the struggle for each member of the Townsend family, a duality that they struggle to control, and Alice has only scratched the surface as she continues to mindlessly provoke the demons within them. SPOILER: in this book, theres a event where alice is walking home by herself(with no1 to protect her), and suddenly relizes someone is following her and so she is nervous and knows that if she will be to late.Read more to find out who will save her in this time of need and if the person thats following her, is really dangerous.

  • Carie
    2018-11-10 01:48

    I wrote most of this review before I finished this book, so my first inclination was to give it a 2-2.5, but I upped it after the last ¼ of the book drastically improved.Here’s my initial review: Gosh, I’m not sure I can take any more of this series! The story improved as the book progressed, but Alice still bothers me so much! She’s so passive and never takes charge of her life. If she showed any inclination to do anything other than lay around and wait for Jack to call, I might enjoy this series more. She also never tried to take charge of the situation with Jack and Peter, which irritated me! It’s clear to me who her choice should be—-regardless of her blood tie (or whatever!) and seems like she should be fighting for that choice, rather than just waiting for things to happen. The development with Milo was very interesting, though jarring. (And the amount of grammar and spelling errors was UNBELIEVABLE!! Very distracting!)This series has potential and some really interesting ideas, but I find myself so frustrated with Alice, her situation, and her passive, pathetic attitude that I want to scream! I’d really like to know how the story ends up, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to waste my time reading 2 more books to find out! But I’ll probably give in, as I tend to be a glutton for punishment! OKAY, now that I’ve FINISHED the book, the ending was pretty good!! I loved Jane’s comments about Alice’s passivity and tendency to just let things happen! This mirrored my thoughts exactly!! Loved the ending with Jack, although thought the stuff with Peter was bizarre (when and why would his feelings turn to love?!). And, I was thrilled to see Alice take the initiative and clean the apartment!! Now that Alice has her fondest wish, hopefully she can make something of her life and become a functioning member of society. I probably will read the next book to see what happens now.This book (and the series) is definitely for older teens or adults—-and don’t expect teens to learn anything good here to improve their lives! This is pure guilty pleasure. (And sometimes more pain and irritation than pleasure!)

  • Cande
    2018-12-08 03:50

    DNF 30%Lo intenté, realmente lo intenté, pero es un libro terrible.*La narración es pésima, muy simple, sin descripciones del entorno o de los personajes, sólo largas listas de adjetivos sobre el atractivo del chico y sus muchísimas cualidades. *Los diálogos forzados, las reacciones inverosímiles, los giros inesperados totalmente esperados. *Los personajes estereotipados de los pies a la cabeza, planos e irritantes, ni uno se salva de caer en los clichés del género; la protagonista sosa que es hermosa y de la que toda criatura sobrenatural siente una instantánea atracción, de cero autoestima, que se enamora (verdadera y eternamente) del primer idiota que se cruza, que pierde la razón y se pasa insultando a las otras mujeres porque no son más que putas intentando robarle a su chico. El chico es otro idiota perfecto, que mágicamente siempre sabe qué decir y qué hacer, que nunca tiene la culpa de nada y tuvo una infancia dura y trágica que le justifica todo. La amiga, olvidada a penas aparece el chico, la madre que no la entiende, el hermano tierno e inocente, los padres dulces del chico... ¿Seguimos?*Las relaciones (de amistad, amor e incluso, entre la familia) se sienten forzadas y muy apresuradas. No hay nada que se sienta real o hasta, posible, hay un nulo desarrollo y construcción del argumento; es otra novela más de vampiros, un copia y pega de los libros de Clare y Meyer

  • Laura Kreitzer
    2018-11-11 22:44

    FATE by Amanda Hocking (2 stars) She's an amateur, and it shows. You're a millionaire, Hocking, buy a damn editor. Jesus. Learn where to put commas, how to structure a sentence, and what is proper and improper grammar. It's really not THAT hard. There are thousands of websites that will teach you FOR FREE. Imagine that. I've quickly grown bored with the "woe is me" attitude the MC has. There is little to no plot in the whole book, and an editor (story and copy) is desperately--and I mean desperately--needed. I was hoping for Peter to come back sooner and save the yawnful story (and hopefully kill Jack), but he only arrives at the end for three seconds. Then the book ends after Jack hastily turns Alice into a vampire. ::blinks:: The end was obviously slopped together at the last second, which is too bad because a well-written conclusion could have rescued me from snoring. I seem to be running into more and more books like this lately--from self-published and big-wig publishers. Aren't English teachers in America doing their job? All I remember is a bunch of Old English BS when I was in school. Study history, don't repeat it. Someone needs to bring America into the modern age. Ye Old English, bad sentence structure, and god-awful poetry is going to ruin modern fiction. Change is a good thing. Please, someone recc me a book worth reading!

  • Vanesa Alvarez
    2018-11-14 23:14

    La verdad no me iba a leer este libro porque me había leído el primero y me había parecido tan malo que decidí no continuar la saga, pero me prestaron este segundo libro así que decidí darle una oportunidad...En primer lugar la protagonista, Alice, sigue sin gustarme, es un personaje sin carácter ni personalidad que se deja llevar por todo y no sabe lo que quiere; y en cuanto a su situación amorosa juega con Jack pensando que lo quiere, pero a la vez no lo quiere (debido a su situación con Peter) y sus sentimientos dependen del momento; esta chica es como una montaña rusa de emociones, y también de acciones, ya que aveces piensa algo pero hace otra cosa distinta.En segundo lugar me parece que la historia es un poco forzada: El destino de Alice en cuanto a ser vampiro y a con quién debe estar románticamente. Y me disgustó mucho que todos querían decirle a Alice que hacer con su vida, que es lo que el destino quiere para ella y bla bla bla y ella como no tiene personalidad pues se deja llevar por lo que cree que tiene que hacer y por lo que siente en el momento.Y en tercer lugar, pienso que muchos de los personajes no están bien estructurados y que la autora los puso ahí porque si; como Jane la mejor amiga de Alice, quien no se sabe si es en realidad una amiga ( y la protagonista nos hace saber que ella tampoco lo sabe) ya que ni siquiera pasan tiempo juntas y apenas si se hablan para salir de fiesta, y aunque tuvo su momento en una parte "importante" del libro me pareció más que ella sobraba ahí. Y los otros personajes (que no son muchos) en realidad no me gustan, son un poco inconstantes y todo lo que hacen gira en torno a Alice.En conclusión, no me gustó tampoco este libro, no pasa nada demasiado interesante aunque fue un poquitín mejor que el primero (y eso es decir mucho) pero me terminare está saga ya que soy de esas personas a las que no le gusta dejar las cosas así como así, aunque no tengo expectativas de que los otros libros vayan a ser mejores...

  • kimberlee
    2018-12-09 01:54

    I'm pleasantly surprised as Book 2 is much improved over Book 1. As I see occur a good bit, the author finally gets their stride and their writing grows up with the story. Fate sees Alice struggle with the events that occur and put a wrench in her plans. She also has to deal with her feelings for both Jack and Peter. Some things happen which I can't say, because spoilers. These things lead to a dangerous mission to bring Peter home and leaves many people stressed, jealous, and trying to deal with all the rule set upon them because of their lifestyle. I really, really like the "leading man" in this series. He's just so normal. He's of course ridiculously handsome, but he just behaves like a regular guy with regular emotions. He's not overly romantic (maybe a bit more than normal guys, but not typical paranormal romance level) and he's just really great. I'm also not one to dislike insta-love (I'm here for the fantasy people) however, I like the slow burn of this one. It's nice that it's progressing fairly normally and the forced distance is always good for brewing a love story. Of course, I'm also really happy with the heroine of the story actually picking the right guy, for now. I'm not totally convinced she won't switch allegiance, but for now she's at least on the right path and I'm not actively screaming at my book wishing she wasn't so stupid. The characters are starting to come into their own in the series and I'm starting to really enjoy it. I'm glad I stuck with it because I've been happy with the story and I can't wait to read the rest!

  • Menna Alashker
    2018-11-15 04:13

    From the first chapter in this series, I wasn’t truly affected by a single word written. Don’t get me wrong, I liked a lot of events throughout both books but not a single thing was true or convincing. Sadly. The idea of ‘My blood approves’ is good. And since, I’m a fan of vamps, I liked ‘my blood approves’. But, really, let’s be honest. All Alice did was whine about everything and about Jack not being close enough to her. It was just wrong. Anyways ‘my blood approves’ wasn’t that bad. It was alright. But, I thought that Fate would be even better, ya know?So, when I started this book, I was fluttering with hope about how good it’ll be.THEN….All of a sudden, I was on my knees, my hand on my heart and my head bent. Why, you ask.Well, from disappointment, of course.I know, I know, I’m being very dramatic and all that stuff about falling to my knees and shit isn’t true, but can you blame me? I mean, when I started Fate I was fluttering with hope but Hocking broke my wings and let me fall and break my neck. Yes. It was that screwed up. And yes, I’m being even more dramatic…Deal with it.At first, I thought that a love triangle that involved two brothers and a stranger was kind of hot. But.Not a lot of people can write this kind of stuff now, can they? It’s gonna get complicated and only super-good authors will know how to get out of the dead-end that they threw themselves in. I really wanted to know what will happen since Peter was out of the picture.But, it was all so much in one book. Hocking couldn’t make it all work out. If people can’t write about love-triangles, why don’t they just stop?Besides, I really think it’s unfair that someone like Alice comes between two brothers like that and make the rest of the family take sides. And really the rest of the family was taking her side. Oh, btw. Doesn’t Jack know that she’s off-limits?? I mean, if he really loved his brother (even if peter tried to kill alice) he would back off. And Alice had no problem kissing & thinking about both guys. So, Alice is just a selfish screwed up person who likes to break families apart. Peter is a jerk ‘cause he tried to kill Alice and didn’t even apologize when he should’ve. And well, because he left.Jack is kind of an ass. I mean, he knew Alice wasn’t ‘his’ and still he just had to break the rules. And what about the whole turning thing? Not cool. How would Peter feel? Did he think about that? Probably not because someone made him think that he hates Peter. God.Milo was just...well, Milo. I don't feel much for him. his existence in the book doesn't do me much.Jane. Damn, that chick needs a therapist...and fast. I do not like her. She seems pretty useless and molded from crap. seriously.Ezra & Mae are cool. I don't like the way Alice treats them. When ever they do something that she doesn't like she bitchs about it. For all I know, they can kick her butt out of the house and their lives. But they're too nice for that. They're so nice sometimes it's sickening.My rating: When I rated this book, I realized I’m a very generous person. I mean two stars? That’s a hell lot for this book.I am really hoping the third book would be better…on second thought, I’m not gonna hope anything. I’m so not going to mentally break my neck a second time ‘cause some love triangles suck.

  • Bianca
    2018-11-16 05:14

    I hate to write a negative review about this book because I really love this author, but this is honestly one of the most boring books I have read in a really long time. The main character, Alice, was very one-dimensional, and came across as very whiny. I didn't like her character for the same reason I didn't like Bella in "Twilight" - too whiny and way too obsessive over her boyfriend. Just because your boyfriend doesn't see you for two days is no reason to completely lose who you are. I do not like this trend that many YA novels seem to be following, in that your life sucks if you don't have a boyfriend. Girls this age need to be reading books on how it's OK to be single and how you can be strong and be your own woman. Also, it seemed like there was no variation in the storyline - basically Alice - sits at home waiting for text message - receives text message from Jack/Milo/Jane - she picks her up and takes her to his house or to club - someone (usually Alice) does something stupid that gets her into mild,though not exciting, bit of trouble - she gets sent home and mopes around some more about how much her life sucks.There is also extremely bad grammar which drove me crazy. The worst were characters constantly saying "want to come with?" or "can I come with?" and not taking on an "us/me" or "you" at the end. I know that it would make since for some of the teenagers to say that since it is unfortunately popular but for the more educated characters with multiple degrees and who supposedly lived in a time where that would have been a major faux pas is completely ludicrous. For a writer to allow that is unexceptionable to me. They are just enforcing the the belief that it is okay.

  • Georgina
    2018-12-11 07:06

    This has been an unusual reading experience for me.I'm sticking with the series, I think because I want to see where the story goes and if the writing improves - and I'm a little masochistic.As it stands (after My Blood Approves and Fate), the writing screams amateur, which isn't great for a published work that you pay for.The number of grammatical errors is shameful, Hocking uses a paragraph to describe what easily one sentence could and her characters all speak the same way - like teenagers. That's not good when very old, educated vampires say things like "Gonna" and "Wanna come with?"The characters need a lot more depth for me to feel any connection with them. Honestly, I can't understand why Alice mopes around so much. She could start by getting a new best friend (Jane is awful) and her poor mother - goodness, she may not be Mother of the Year but there's far worse. It seems to me most of the teenagers in these books make life changing decisions - like becoming a vampire - based purely on their teenage hormones and nothing else.The constant references to brand names is frustrating. I'm Australian and have no idea what a "Dickies" is (and can't be bothered Googling it to be honest). Also, I think these types of references date a book. It's not like she's talking about Chanel.I admire how Amanda Hocking has made a name for herself via the self-publishing route but am disappointed in the lack of care she's taken so far in this series.I'll continue reading (got the rest of the series from the library) but it's a bit of a chore at the moment.

  • Midnight
    2018-12-08 22:54

    Once again, the grammatical errors can be distracting, as they were in the last book, but still some might enjoy this vampire tale.Alice is still flighty and insincere, and in this second book in the series, she becomes extremely annoying at times. Her lack of focus and initiative to get a handle on her life, her desires, and her future goals is slightly annoying. Once again, I found Milo much more enjoyable than Alice as a solid character. Milo knows exactly what he wants in life, and even his life altering accident doesn't stop him from pursuing his 'life'.If you enjoyed the first book even a little, then you might enjoy this one as well. Alice is still struggling with her duel relationships, and even though Peter has run off, she still thinks about him despite the fact that she claims to love Jack more. Jack, on the other hand, keep Alice at a distance claiming it is safer for her, and a new strain is put on their relationship after Milo's accident.Once again, if you liked the first book enough to continue reading, then you might enjoy this one as well.

  • Melly
    2018-11-25 01:05

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!! Ahh it's so addicting. I'm adopting Alice's sleeping patterns thanks to this series. In the beginning when Alice was angry and upset, I was actually in a bad mood for her lol. I found myself snapping at my family for no reason other than I was upset for Alice. Crazy. I was seriously sucked into this book. It's almost 3am and I have to force myself to put my nook away now and not read Flutter yet. It's just so good! Okay I need to breathe and get some sleep. Lol I feel like an addict.

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-18 02:59

    Loved this book just as much now as I did the first time I read it 3 years ago!Peter has always had a way of making me adore him! <3Wish Amanda Hocking would release the 5th and last book, because I am dying to see how she closes the series out!

  • Aifos
    2018-11-21 04:05

    Oh man, this one was a hard book to finish. Everyone on this fucking book is a bloody moron, the romance, if you can even call it that, is fucking deplorable , and the plot has more holes than a fucking French cheese. I'm just glad I went through this painful read for one reason only: I will never read more books by Amanda Hocking. I loved the Trylle trilogy, Kanin or whatever was a huge disappointment, I tried her mermaid series, couldn't go past the first couple chapters.My Blood Approves, the first book of this series had some potential, but Fate completely and utterly obliterated any hopes I had. Like seriously, how can a character be so damn stupid? Alice is suicidal to say in the least, every time someone told her, 'hey, bitch, don't do this shit, you gonna end up dead.', she's like, 'oh, yeah, u right - giggle', only to five fucking seconds later, do exactly what she was told not to do.And the thing is, she was not the only dumb character, oh - no, Jack, the vampire acts also as if he's brain-dead. Mae and Ezra were annoying af, not to mention, totally unnecessary characters, they honestly didn't bring anything to the table. About Milo, the gay vampire brother, I pitted him throughout the whole book, his sister is an egotistical asshole, who doesn't give two flying fucks about him, even though she was always trying to convince herself and others that she did.Peter, Alice's one true mate (snort), sounded like the only truly interesting character worth reading about, until that is, he shows up only at the end of the book, only to do something stupid, like leave Alice, the sick bitch, alone with his brother, who is obviously in love with her and wants to keep her for himself. But of course, believing that someone on this book could act in an intelligent way, is believing pigs fly, really.And thats all I gotta say about Fate, only good things, as you've seen. The only reason why I rated it with two stars and not one, is that it managed to keep me awake until almost 4am because the characters were frustrating the fuck out of me - and I also secretly wished they could just get over it and kill each other, now that would've been a riot.

  • Tori
    2018-11-14 04:47

    why am I still spending my money on these I totally root for Peter I’m sorry For one, Jack KNEW Alice wasn’t for him. He basically betrayed his brother. Secondly, HE KNEW HE SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT TO ALICE. FOR REAL. Thirdly, the end? Really? It’s basically rape. Fuck. That. Fourthly, I genuinely don’t think Peter is a bad dude alright.(view spoiler)[I read spoiler reviews for the next two books. I’m not wasting my money. She doesn’t end up with Peter. It’s like the disappointment of Nightshade all over again. I can’t handle this shit. I like hocking but goddamn. Frostfire and Konstantin and now this shit?Fuck off. Stop taking my money.(hide spoiler)]

  • Katrine Austin
    2018-11-20 06:44

    Thank goodness the heroine finally turns (I don't think I'm spoiling anything given this news is all over the cover of the 3rd book in the series). Hocking wove an intriguing enough yarn about all these vamps, enough to make me vote yes for reading book #3 in the near future but not so urgently that I can't insert December's book club read before then. Decent writer. A little more prudish than I usually appreciate for my protagonist, but hey I get that is part of her schtick for Alice.

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2018-11-17 05:11

    It is summer, Milo and Alice are hanging out with Jack at his house. There is a lake with a dock in their backyard. Jack, Alice and Milo are out at night swimming in the lake. Alice decides to go inside and help Mae who is preparing some snacks for Milo and Alice since they are the only ones who eat and doesn’t drink blood. Mae tells Alice to go change out of her bathing suit because it is cold in the house (they keep it cold because they are vampires). While she is changing she hears someone screaming. She runs downstairs and out into the backyard Mae stops her because she does not want Alice to see what has happened. Milo was running on the dock to jump in the lake and he fell and hit his head. Milo is covered in blood and dying. Alice has to make the decision to turn him into a vampire or let him die. So she tells Jack to change him. Alice loves her brother very much. Her brother is the only reason that she has not already changed herself. Milo’s change is very rapid unlike any that Jack’s family has experienced or have heard of before. Jack’s family thinks this is because he so young. Milo can never go home again to live. So they decide the best thing to do is tell their mom that he has received a scholarship to go to school some where else and that he will be leaving the next day. The school wants him there a week early. When they take Milo for one last visit to see his mom, Ms. Bonham, to let her know about the scholarship she doesn’t have time to talk to them because she has an appointment probably gambling. Alice is not allowed to hang out with Jack or Milo anymore because Milo may attack her. He is a new vampire and he is attracted to Jack. So Alice spends her time in bed reading and listening to music. Milo progress rapidly in his change of becoming a vampire. At first it is very hard for him being around Alice not to bite her. But she is his sister and he loves her very much and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. It had been just Milo and his sister basically all their lives. While Jack and Ezra are away on a business trip Milo misses his sister so he decides that Alice needs to get out of the house. Jane calls and wants Alice to go out with her parting. So they all three go out together. They go to a gay club because that is what Milo wants. While at this club they meet up with two vampires, Lucian and Violet who they had met one night when Jack, Milo and Alice went out to a vampire club. Lucian and Violet both want to drink Alice’s blood. Jack fights with Lucian because he is taking Alice away. When they go to this gay club and meet them again Milo fights Lucian in the parking lot while Alice and Jane are trying to get in the car. Violet is attacking both of them putting scratches down both their backs and ankles. Peter, Jack’s brother who Alice is supposed to be with because its in their blood returns. Alice and Jack are afraid because they think that Peter is going to kill Alice because Jack bit Alice. Alice calls Jack to warn him and tell him to come home. When Jack arrives he attacks Peter. Alice still wants Peter and Peter wants Alice because it is in their blood. But Jack is her boyfriend (I think) but that is not what they say. So who will Alice end up being with? Will she be the one to choose? This is great love story with a twist of vampire in the mix. Alice always thinks that no one cares about her but I think she never bonded with her mom because her mom was never around if she wasn’t at work then she was out gambling. She had no idea where her father was. No wonder she was always thinking that they didn’t want her around or loved her anymore when they didn’t call her or tell her it would be better if she didn’t come over for a few days. I think My Blood Approves series is one series that you don’t want to miss out on if you like romance and vampires mixed together.

  • lucy
    2018-11-09 22:46

    2,5Esta segunda parte es un poco mejor que la primera pero solo medio punto más. El libro no me ha gustado porque no hay una trama sólida. La trama es sobre Alice que quiere estar con Jack pero no puede porque pertenece a Peter. Me hace gracia porque no se pueden juntar ni nada por Peter cuando él ni siquiera está ahí, se ha ido y no saben adonde.No tiene un argumento sólido que no puedan estar juntos porque Peter lo dice y los mataría. Para eso que maten a Peter así podrían estar juntos. Además, Alice no sabe al 100% si Jack la quiere de verdad porque recordemos que le atrae su olor. Y nunca hablan de cosas, o sea siempre se están besando o huyen cuando se ven. ¿De que se van a enamorar? No me creo que ese amor instantáneo entre los dos. En el libro hay un "triangulo amoroso" pero no es real. O sea los dos no la quieren solo les atrae la sangre como Edward con Bella vaya casualidad y quieren chuparle la sangre. Además que en el libro Peter solo aparece al final y solo la reclama como suya por una absurda norma de vampiros extraña. Desde mi punto de vista no es un triangulo amoroso porque Peter ni aparece y solo la desea por su sangre. Peter y Jack son super machistas. Hablemos de que esta escritora no tiene ni puta idea de los gays. En más de una ocasión he leído cosas tipo "a los gays también les gusta los coches" "a los gays les gusta conducir" "los gays solo van a discotecas de gays porque son gays ya sabes en otras discotecas no entraríanjajaja" "mi hermano es un gay novato porque hace poco que es gay se convirtió ayer" algunas cosas están exageradas pero la escritora da a entender como con lo del coche "a los gays también les gusta conducir" como si fueren una especie diferente a los demás. Y me da la sensación que el hermano de Alice es gay para poder decir "uy soy muy moderna he puesto un personaje gay". Siempre remarca que es gay cuando hace todo os lo juro. Siempre tiene que recordarnos que es gay. ¿Y por qué con Jack no hace lo mismo y nos recuerda en cada página que es hetero? La autora también pone situaciones que se cree que los adolescentes hacemos en las fiestas. Creo que debería haberse informado un poco al respecto porque la gente de 16/18 años no hacemos esas cosas. A lo mejor esta mujer ha visto demasiadas películas americanas que van sobre institutos y los actores tienen 30 años.

  • ~Kate~
    2018-11-12 03:08

    I was really looking forward to book 2 in the My Blood Approves series as I loved the first one but for me book 2 was a bit of a disappointment.I'm in two minds about these covers as I think they could be stunning photographs but I think it's a bit misleading as it gives a creepy feeling to me but this book is by no means a creepy book.It took a very long while to get into this book and actually it wasn't until the last few chapters when I really started to get into it. Even though there was a few things going on I found myself thinking that it wasn't written in a way to capture my interest. A lot of things that happened really annoyed me to the point I felt like throwing my kindle across the room. I felt that the romance side of the story was pretty much non-existent even though there was something going on between the two main characters I didn't feel any chemistry. There was a couple of things that happened that I wasn't expecting and some of those really shocked me which I liked. As I said the end of the book really got interesting to the point of me wanting and even excited for the next book.Some of the characters was better in this book than they where in the first book and then the others that didn't grow annoyed me. For me Alice was a lot more likeable in this book than she ever was in the first book. I really felt for Alice at times with the way that everyone was treating her and even though at times she was a bit whiney I could understand where she was coming from. I wasn't a huge fan of Jack's in this book as he just kept shutting Alice out without any explanation but there was times when he was the Jack that I liked from the previous book. Milo was in this book loads more than the first book but unfortunately he changed (in more was than one) as he really annoyed me quite often. The rest of the characters from the first book wasn't really in it that much and apart from Peter the others kind of annoyed me.Overall, I was expecting a lot more from this book but for me it showed signs of suffering from second book syndrome. I will continue this series if I can actually get books 4 onwards as it looks like its been discontinued from Amazon UK but I hope I'm wrong.

  • Haya
    2018-11-15 23:46

    I can't believe I wasted my time reading this book. Honestly, this book is nothing but ideas stolen from Twilight and, I felt for some parts, The Host. There is no plot, nothing that progresses the story. Everything's a cliche. I hoped--expected, even--that the the story would improve, and that the stupid errors would disappear and the author's writing would be better and not contradictive, but unfortunately, no such luck. If you ask me, I think Hocking wasted her time writing this book. Alice did nothing but piss me off further. She has no personality, always cries and is a worrier, much like Wanderer (since My Blood Approves has nothing but Twilight cliches, i felt there was also parts of The Host involoved). I don't know what the big deal about her is, and i completely, 100% disagree with Jack (or the author, since she wrote it) when he says: you're worth fighting're worth dying for, blah, blah, blah. Seriously? dude, get a life. I don't get the part with Milo going to the gay club and dancing with "foxy" guys who cud be as old as his grandpa (figuratively speaking). He's 15, for Heaven's sake. Yeah, he's recently come terms with his sexuality, but seriously? I'm trying to read a book here--a book i thought was worth my time! And what the hell is the deal with Violet and Lucian? James and Victoria, much? This book has discouraged me to read further, but unfortunately, i have a policy to continue reading a book or series once i start. I don't recommend ANYONE to read this series, since the author's lack of creativity and writing style is disappointing and worthless. I mean it. I swear, if i read the words/phrases: "tears were streaming down my face"/sobbing, or anything to do with tears (not the verb) in general, or the words mumble, mutter, worry, i'm gonna jump off a bridge. No, i'll kill the author first then jump off a bridge. I need to go lie down now and research THOROUGHLY for a new book, recommendations and all. i no longer trust people's obvious lack of taste in good books.

  • Hannah-Linn
    2018-12-07 06:58

    Ok, so I'm just going to start by saying that I have this problem. My problem is that when I start a series or trilogy or just a book with a sequel, I won't write my review until I'm like finished, because I just cannot stop reading for the like of me. I read all four of the my blood approves books in three days because I just didn't want to stop, so I've kind of been procrastinating with writing this review....So to start, I think that these books were REALLY good. I mean there were like those stupid cliche vampire book parts, but if you can get past that then you would think this was really good.In the second book, Alice is still hanging out at the vampire house, and so is her brother, but he doesn't know they're vampires. Peter is gone because he doesn't want to be around her, but her and Jack still aren't allowed to be together because of Peter (but I'm just saying that in this book her and Jack fall more in love than in the first book) Then Milo almost dies, and they turn him into a vampire, and it doesn't say, but you can tell that Alice is a little bit jealous. blahblahblah eventually peter comes back and confesses that he loves her but by that time she had already been bitten by jack, and at the end Jack turns her into a vamprie, severing Alices bond with Peter.I think that this book would have sucked if it wasn't for the characters. Alice was a little bit annoying but kind of cool, but Jack was HILARIOUS, Mae seemed all sweet, Milo was adorable, Peter was sexy, and Ezra was all perfect and a little bit sexy as well.So overall, read it if you think you can get past the whole Cliche vampire crap, because the book isn't FULL of it, and it is easy to get past.

  • Sunny Wolfe
    2018-11-12 03:54

    We'll this is the second book in the My Blood Approves Series. Alice is getting use to her new life, sort of. After Peter almost killing her and Jack almost telling her that he loves her - she is dealing. Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her. (Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened). Anyways... the big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can't be together because her blood bond dictates that she belongs with Peter and Peter has the right to kill her and Jack if Jack gets too friendly with Alice. This is really rough for Alice because her body tells her she belongs with Peter but her heart belongs to Jack but they can't give in to each other. And the really sucky part is Peter doesn't want her but he can still kill them if the wants to and apparently he will want to because it is vampire nature.I can't really go into much more of the books because that would give a lot away. The one thing I will say is that Alice feels like she is not very loved in this book, and with good reason in my opinion. Things happen to make her feel alienated from her family and her new vampire friends. Some of the reviews made it seem like the book was a big downer so I expected not to like it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as much as I did. Again another great book in this series!!! Now I am off to go read Flutter, the next book in the series.

  • Heather
    2018-11-29 01:48

    I recently re-read this book when I was unable to sleep and needed something to help me get there. I had originally given this book 4 stars, but I have absolutely NO IDEA why. Alice spends a good majority of this book moping around and being selfish. The little bit of likable she was from the first book evaporates in this book. At the beginning, she makes the decision to turn her brother Milo after he slips and breaks his neck, but then spends the rest of the book being mad about it or whining and complaining. It was really off putting. My biggest problem with this book is the romance between Jack and Alice. She spends the entire first book telling everyone she isn't attracted to Jack, that she doesn't feel this magnetism to him like others do. She even describes how different her feelings for Peter are, more romantic, while Jack is more of a friend. I felt like Fate just completely forgot about all that and forced a love triangle with two people who didn't even seem to like each other as more than friends before. Jack is annoying and I don't see how anyone could fall in love with someone so selfish and self serving. I'm finishing the series only so I can go back and lower all the stars. Also, the writing is awful. Just awful. I don't recommend this series at all.

  • Tracy
    2018-11-27 00:07

    I'm torn writing my review of this book. Throughout most of the story, I found myself very frustrated. I'm supposed to believe that Alice is "meant" for Peter but because he was never really developed as a character, I really didn't care. Jack is adorable and loves her so I found myself wondering who I'm supposed to be rooting for. Why is this an issue? I hated that Ezra and Mae were so deadset against Jack and Alice having a relationship. It seemed silly to expect them to remain buddies. My frustration grew when Milo was turned, throwing the whole dynamic out of whack. He's annoying, jealous and I really wanted to smack him. I get it. He's a new vampire. He's adjusting. But still. Then Ezra announces that Alice will need to stay human until Milo is under control. That was the last straw.The plot is flimsy in this one. I didn't buy into a lot of it. The last third of the story really saved the book for me. I wanted Alice to choose. I wanted some resolution. While we have it - I don't know if Alice truly knows what she wants. I hope she does.I would give this a 3.5 if I could. I just wish I understood the motivation behind some of these characters more.

  • Sue Tint
    2018-12-04 01:11

    I have consistently liked this series from book one to book two (and am currently reading book three). I really love how Amanda Hocking plays with the love triangle in a way that has not really been done before. I particularly liked the end, when that triangle came to a head and how the characters reacted. I love Jack, he is so endearing! I am so looking forward to seeing what happens in the lives of these characters.The only thing I will say that was annoying to me were the incredible amount of editing errors. It bugged me in the first book, but was even worse in the second. Is it because I am reading this in kindle format? I don't know, but it really gets under my skin when she leaves a word out, that could totally change the meaning of the sentence,,, or simply just the flow of the story. I hope that now that Hocking has a contract with a publisher, she will have top notch editors that will not miss the glaring mistakes. Did she even have anyone proofread her books before she published them on her own???That being said, I love her writing style (except for those annoying errors) and the way she gives each character a very unique personality that shines through in her writing.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-01 06:44

    Huh I don't know how I feel about this book and I know that Jane has something up her sleeve I think she wants to become a vampire herself. The love triangle in this book is pretty intense and I am team Peter, yeah he was an ass in the first book and he only shows up at the end of this book but he was so sweet and common, honestly, he lost what he thought was the love his life however many years ago and all of a sudden this girl shows up and her blood calls to him and it is an instant attraction I'd be a little baffled also and I'd have to put some distance between myself and that person to figure out what I am feeling and what I should do. I also feel that Jack is pushing things with Alice for example her turning for his own benefit but I find Alice is a little temptress with him she is always throwing her neck out for him in the heat of the moment and really screws them in the end. I honestly don't think Alice knows who she wants out of the 2 she tells Jack it is only him who she loves but I don't think so.

  • Bex
    2018-12-10 23:56

    I was sifting through the various recommendations that Goodreads provides, when I saw the first book in this series advertised and it was being offered for 99 cents. Despite the errors in spelling and grammar, from lack of proper editing, the storyline is superb. There are more characters added to this second book, yet I wish the author had spent some time developing them and giving us a background of where they are coming from. We are kept on the edge of our seats as the unexpected unfolds. Milo, the brother becomes one of the main characters and with this fateful fact, our main character has her world turned upside down. Without giving away the plot or twists, I'm going to highly recommend this book and series to those who enjoy vampire romance stories, with plenty of teen sexual energy, and non stop action. The way the author keeps the reader guessing and turning the pages i9s to be commended. I read book one in one day and this book in two sittings. In other words, I put my life on hold to see where this storyline was taking me. Nice easy read, can't wait to read the next one.

  • Celine
    2018-12-01 05:49

    I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one! I really liked that it had more of Milo, I grew to love the boy a lot! Alice kinda annoyed me sometimes but most of the time I could see why she acted the way she did. I also started to get feelings for poor Peter, he's not as bad as he seems and I felt so sorry for him in the end. Can't wait to see what's in store for him in book 3. Again I gave this book 3 stars because it's also not one of the best books I've read, but I still really liked it :)

  • Isamlq
    2018-11-19 04:08

    We've all heard the line, "Its so bad, its good." Is that the case for Fate: My Blood Approves 2? Well, nope. I could be cruel say its bad, but there was a moment or two in it that just made laugh out loud. One line that makes me cringe as I type it: "...My phone glowed on the tabletop like a beacon of unrequited love." (le sigh or le barf?)If only the entire book were as fast paced as its last quarter. Sadly, there was a lot of description going on, a lot of sighing from afar... and very little action between the protagonists. Like I said though, there were moments. As when Jack and Alice finally act on how they felt for each other. Or when Peter reappears to save her from Lucian, having been away through most of the book (Eclipse, anyone?)I also enjoyed the greater role Milo played in this one, and that Jane got a dose of her own medicine.

  • Be Positive
    2018-11-14 04:08

    Por que Alice es TAN pesada? la mitad del libro se la pasa durmiendo o llorando. De todos los libros que leí, siento que ella es a el personaje femenino que menos soporto. Todo su ser me molesta, llega un punto en que leerla se me hacia insoportable. Tengo como un sentimiento de amor y odio con esta saga. Alice y Milo me caen muy mal, pero amo con mi ser a los otros personajes, y eso me hace querer seguir leyendo. No me gusta para nada como escribe Amanda pero en si la historia es asombrosa, pero el desarrollo es insoportable. Hay algo de esta saga que me gusta muchísimo y no se que es, por eso obviamente voy a leer los siguientes libros.

  • Andy Márquez
    2018-12-06 22:55

    Es un libro que simplemente quieres seguir leyendo para saber que va a pasar.

  • Natalia
    2018-11-11 03:55

    Primeras impresiones:Porque no sale todo como yo quiero que salga! Es súper frustrante!!!PRÓXIMAMENTE reseña

  • Laura
    2018-12-08 01:08

    Now were on to the second book in the My Blood Approves series and it’s amazing just like the first book. With this one there’s a major plot twist that I didn’t see coming. It completely took me by surprise.Do you want to know? Then keep reading Alice has a blood bond with Peter which doesn’t really make sense and everyone I trying to figure it out because Alice is Human and Peter is a 300-year-old vamp. Jack then also realizes that he has feelings for Alice but the timing couldn’t be any worse because with the bond that she has with Peter she is meant to be his and not Jack’s. Alice is torn between Peter and Jack because in a way she wants both men but she can’t have both. Peter also doesn’t want to see Jack and Alice together because if Jack hurts her he will kill his brother. Peter and Jack do fight over Alice once in this book. This love triangle is great to read. I always love a good love triangle.In this book, we also get to see Ezra’s past which is good because we get to know more about how he came to be on who he is now. Milo becomes a vamp!? How crazy is that? It was due to an accident that happened in the backyard on the dock. Alice gets a little upset at first because she wants to be turned but that doesn’t happen. Milo also turns faster than normal, He loses his baby cheeks which I think would be adorable if he could have kept them. Now that Milo has turned he can’t go back home so he makes up a story for his mom that he has gotten a scholarship. Alice is also not allowed to hang out with Jack or Milo because he might attack her and killer so until he has his hunger under control.Something that annoyed me with this was Alice she was so back and forth on trying to decide weather or not she wants to become a vampire. It also felt like she was playing Peter and Jack against one another. One thing that I did like is the characters are coming into their own now. They all know what they want a they are going to get it.

  • Kylie Morris
    2018-11-27 05:08

    Alice, the main character, is like in love with this vampire named Jack and her brother actually likes him too because he is gay. So Alice and her brother have been spending a lot of time this summer over at Jack's and his family's. One night Jack and Milo (Alice’s brother) are over at Jack’s house swimming and Milo was running and slips and falls. Milo is on his deathbed and the only way to save him is to turn him into a vampire. So Jack then turns Milo that night and all is good Alice thinks! So then in a couple of weeks Ezra tells Alice that she won’t be able to turn into a vampire until Milo gets used to being a vampire. So then Alice tries to go back to living her normal life and not see Jack or his family. In my opinion, this book is absolutely amazing and when you start reading it you just have you keep reading and reading until you finish it. I really think that Amanda Hocking makes this book better because she kind of relates to herself in a way as Alice and it just makes the book so much better.I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance/thrill filled books.

  • Maria Duque
    2018-11-30 00:06

    No sé... Si hablamos sobre el libro en general diría que es vago. No tiene gran cosa y parece el típico fanfic que puedes leer en internet. Sin embargo, hay que reconocer que los diálogos son entretenidos hasta cierto punto y que Peter y Jack son los típicos chicos ideales que cualquier chica se enamoraría; y por supuesto los cuales están locamente enamorados de una humana común. Si me pongo analizarlo es una historia de una adolescente cachonda que casualmente se encuentra con los chicos más hot del mundo y se enamoran de ella. Pero realmente no hay gran cosa de analizar. Me lo leí en un día, porque todo pasa rápidamente. La narración es sencilla pues básicamente se centra en describir acciones diálogos y la belleza mística de los vampiros. Además de ese loco triángulo amoroso, que fastidia un poco. Quiero seguir leyendo porque es un libro entretenido. Tiene sus momentos divertidos y además a pesar de esto, me gustan las historias tontas de amor. Y quiero ver que sucede es Peter o Jack, mujer decídete.

  • Samantha Haviland
    2018-12-02 23:45

    I don't know why I gave this two stars. It deserves one. Or less. I'm treating this series as a lesson in "what not to do when writing a novel". Seriously. Alice is the most pathetic, whiny, miserable excuse of a protagonist I have ever encountered. The girl from Temptation was better. Even the girl from the Beautiful Dead series -- the last series I suffered through for seemingly no reason -- was a better main character. Alice has nothing going for her and when Jack (SPOILER ALERT) tells her she's worth dying for, my eye roll could have moved mountains. This girl is not worth ANYTHING. The entire series is a knock off of Twilight, the entire dynamic so parallel to the vampire novels that started the craze -- but Stephenie Meyer makes it work in her own way; Amanda Hocking does not. This is coming from a girl who has read and enjoyed the Trylle trilogy and who can't wait to get her hands on the next book in the Kanin Chronicles and who positively FELL IN LOVE with certain characters in the Watersong series. My Blood Approves is on its own level of literary suckery. They were her first books; maybe Hocking just had to get these books out before creating better works. I will say that an editor could have done a load of good with Fate; a novice writer myself, and I found loads of easy mistakes that should have been picked up on. It could have used a good proofread. However, I will be reading the next two in the series. I'll give Hocking one thing: she knows how to keep a reader hooked. I just want to know how all of this nonsensical inanity will finally be resolved. (Disclaimer: as I said above, I am a huge fan of the author's other works. This series . . . not so much.)

  • Erik Saenz
    2018-11-29 01:07

    Con esta saga me pasa algo similar a La selección, se que son lecturas muy simples (demasiado) y que las autoras no profundizan de ninguna manera pero tienen algo que aun no descubro que es que hacen que no pueda soltarlos, aunque por momentos me recordaba demasiado a Crepúsculo. En este caso ya tenia tiempo que había leído el primer libro pero decidí darle la oportunidad a la saga y si bien al comienzo me pareció demasiado simple rayando en el fan fic la manera en como esta narrado ya después le tome el gusto. Algo que note desde el primer libro es que durante mas de la mitad del libro no sucede gran cosa, o sucede de manera demasiado rápidas, como en este que en las primeras 30 paginas ya hubo un acontecimiento importante pero que no se siente importante porque sucede de la nada. Ya hacia el final mejora bastante, pero aun así siento que hay demasiada paja y el triángulo amoroso es muy extraño. La protagonista es tonta y odiosa a un nivel Bella Swan, eso me molesta un poco, lo que lo hacen mas tolerable son los personajes secundarios que tienen un poco mas de personalidad, pero al fin y al cabo puedo decir que si lo disfrute y lo leí bastante rápido, lo recomendaría como un libro de transición, si quieres algo muy light.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-17 03:45

    I love Amanda Hocking for writing this book series. I loved Fate, I was so enthralled with this book that I could not wait until I was able to pick up this book and begin reading again.There is just something about this story that has affected me so much. I am totally captivated by not only the story but as by the characters as well. Alice is wonderfully human. When it comes to somethings, Alice doesn't quite know what she wants and the things she actually does know she wants she doesn't know how to get them. She is loving, kind and logical. Mae and Ezra are so kind and loving, they are already her family and all any of the characters want, is to be together. Jack is more reckless than ever, he is so concerned about Alice and he loves her so much that he doesn't really think things through. In a way this makes him more human and I think more loveable. Milo is actually acting relatively normal. He is Milo but he also isn't. His changes make him better, but underneath it all you can't help but tell that it's the same Milo as it was in the beginning of the series. I just gonna say it, Peter is back and he is a changed man. We hear more from Peter towards the end of this book and now because of this, I am having a very hard time with this love triangle. I don't want anyone to get hurt and/or possible murdered.I will say that this book was more action packed. I can't believe all the trouble Alice has managed to get into in this book and then there is the introduction of new vampires. This is the first time we get a real good look at vampires outside of the family. We also get to see the family in a whole new light. We learn of Ezra's past, as a human. We also learn more tidbits about the family dynamics and a little more about vampires themselves.It has come to a point where I am so invested in this series that I don't know what to do with myself after I read the cliff hanger ending. I mean really, WTF! I am so happy that I already have the other two books in the series, however I won't be reading them for a while, gotta make the story last.If you a considering picking up this book/book series I say go for it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Karen Castro
    2018-12-08 00:56

    I really do like this series and I already have book 3 and 4 to read, but I want to take a moment to think. I still can't believe Milo turn instead of her I didn't even thought of him been a vampire it just never came up in mind. Neither that Jane was going to find out.At the end, things change so much, I thought they where going to wait 1 to 2 years for her to turn, but guess plan change :33I have to admit, my best parts of this book are the one where Peter appear, it just looks like a really hard love to be in and it makes everything more interesting. I like how Jack is so over protective with Alice and I love that, and Peter is too but in the book you will hear of him but not see much of him, and Jack is more around then Peter. Even thought, everybody is very over protective with her. It just made me laugh a bit when Peter appears when Lucian catch Alice and he say "Let her Go" and Violet say "What the hell is with this girl" lol and is kind of true almost everybody protect her like she was a God (just making and example). And in almost the end of the book she end up kissing Peter and then she kiss Jack in another room after a big fight happen, then I was like "man this girl is kind of a slut, isn't she" jajaja. She felt something for Peter but she also feel something really big for Jack. I really don't know how this will all end, but I hope it end up good. Can't wait!