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Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. When she's encouraged to join her fitness-fanatic best friend's running club - by none other than its gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise....

Title : Girl On The Run
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Girl On The Run Reviews

  • Buggy
    2019-04-09 20:40

    Opening Line: “I live in fear of a four-letter word.”This was a great read, pretty much everything you’d want (and expect) from British chick-lit including an amusing and very relatable heroine, several hunky suitors and a movie worthy ending. It’s also well written and super entertaining; with many hilarious scenes that had me reading out loud to friends. As a rom-com it is predictable, I mean right from the opening chapters you know exactly who Abby is going to end up with but it’s still so much fun witnessing all the antics she goes through in her struggle to get there, that you just won’t mind. Did I mention this is freakin funny?“My inner thighs press tightly against Tom’s buttocks, a position that could, to anybody not witnessing it, sound absolutely delightful. Delightful however it is not. As his motorbike darts between cars, whizzes round corners and whooshes through amber lights, I couldn’t feel less relaxed if I were on a blind date with Hannibal Lector.”Jane Costello was a new author to me and I loved her writing style; with short chapters, snappy dialogue and a cast of well-developed secondary characters who all managed to have me equally invested in their stories. I also appreciated how even the smallest of ideas mentioned throughout the book was brought to fruition by the end, very clever writing. I’ll definitely be seeking out more from her. I should also mention that a huge chunk of the story deals with Abby’s quest to complete a half marathon, if you’ve ever done any running you will really appreciate this aspect. I found it an original plot angle and because of Abby’s state of lack of fitness when she begins you can’t help but cheer her on throughout. The reason why she finally follows through on her latest heath kick (besides the cute guy known as Doctor Dishy) will surprise you. Ultimately I found this motivating; as even the most unfit and lazy of us will be convinced that if Abby can do it then so can I (or at least meet someone delicious at the local running club)Abby Rogers hates being late, but since starting her own graphic design business, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Like today for instance she really didn’t mean to run that guy over with her car but he came out of nowhere, right between message number three on her cell and those take-away fries she couldn’t get in her mouth fast enough. Abby’s love life has also taken a back seat of late and her waistline, well let’s just say muffin top and leave it at that. During dinner one night at her super fit, super skinny best friend’s house, Jess again broaches the subject of Abby joining her running club. And because tonight Abby has had several too many glasses of wine she says yes. I mean how hard can it be? Days later Abby is a literal hot sweaty mess. Doubled over, she’s just finished puking and may never walk again let alone run but as the burning sensation leaves her lungs she happens to notice a certain Doctor Dishy and he might just be worth doing this again for. Cheers338jb4

  • Love Fool
    2019-04-10 17:36

    I'm the type of woman that hates running and will only run if I was being chased, to impress a guy (however, when you are all sweaty and out of breath the guy is not at all impressed), or for charity soooooo I was able to relate to Abby. BTW, this book made me want to run... however, in NYC our weather has been like the Disney movie Frozen so that won't happen till it gets warmer. I thought Abby was adorable, funny, and was able to relate to her looking for love. Usually, I find Chick-lit books unrealistic however, this was one of the books that I nodded my head and could picture this happening in real life. Plus, the jerky guy... def someone I know. I can't wait to read more Jane Costello books.

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    2019-04-14 22:57

    In a couple of weeks, I'm turning 28 so this book seems fitting as that the protagonist is 28. As I stated before, I can no longer stand reading not-real-fiction books, I need fiction that's related to my life, so a while ago I bought many books, and I bought 2 of Jane's novels. I decided to start this one because so far Abby reminds me of myself.Let me tell you this, I LOVED loved loved this book! I giggled and cried and at some points laughed so loud and hard late at night I was afraid to wake up the whole household!I don't just recommend this book, I devoutly exhort everyone especially the ladies who neglect their bodies like I used to do but are trying to change that like I am now, to read it asap. Abby will make you want to run at 5:30 in the morning!Ladies, I have to warn you that you are going to love this book so deeply and all it's characters (except Jess) that you'll order all of Jane Costello's books like I just did!

  • Sara
    2019-04-20 17:37

    I have mixed feeling about this book; the love story was nice and easy, expected, but cool.On the other hand the surrounding environment threw me off a bit:The best friend is the most horrible person, and gets away with everything she does, didn’t appreciate that. Especially I didn’t find believable how she gets forgiven so quickly by everybody. The so-called initial obsession for Dr. Dishy seems a bit far-fetched. I mean Abby obsess over a guy that she sees for months three times a week and never even kiss her, really?The boyfriend Abby gets appears out of nowhere, one second she’s single, the next she has a boyfriend after what one date, two maybe? There is no description of this relationship; it’s sort of just put there.And finally, I am sorry to say this, but when I read a chick-lit I am looking for an escape from reality, and a happy one. The decision of the author of making the whole novel pivoting around a sad, progressive, incurable disease was something beyond me. You want to raise awareness, I am with you, I am sure we all are… that everybody does what they can for the causes they believe in, but don’t do it to people that are seeking a break with a book that should supposedly bring them joy and easiness of mind. I found it so depressing it upset me a lot. Not the feeling I was looking for.

  • Di
    2019-03-28 00:59

    After watching the movie Bridesmaids and realising it was from a novel I wanted to read more and this book didn't let me down......Abby is a hardworking single woman. The owner of a small start-up graphic design firm, she's just barely balancing her personal and professional lives. But when her best friend Jess convinces her to join a running league, she never would expect to fall for the head runner, Oliver (aka "Doctor Dishy"), or bump into the one guy she never wanted to bump into again, Tom. On top of that, as her business starts doing quite well, her employee Heidi has a terrible secret she's about to reveal. What I like about Costello is that she doesn't waste time. From the beginning, when Abby hits a motorcycle, through the end, every page counts. Every debate, every though, every random interaction. It's all good fun, leading to a pleasing conclusion. It's over-the-top fun, and always exciting. The characters are very well-drawn, especially Abby's co-workers who I liked best. Girl on the Run is a book that's equal parts predictable and fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and finished it a handful of days. It's easy, and you know precisely which guy our hero will end up with in the end. (And she is a hero, Abby - a girl who won't quit, and that's proven in the end). And because of that, there's no stress when reading. Even when things are looking down - even when things aren't going quite right, you just know it'll all be okay in the end. Because it always is in books like these. And, sometimes, we need predictable, we need light. We need to know the girl will end up with the guy at the end, and everyone will be happy. Because life isn't always like that - so why can't fiction?

  • Mary
    2019-04-02 22:59

    This book is pretty amazing. Now I could list another Costello's book to my favorit.Although I admitted I was pretty bored on the first quarter, but it's keep promising and interesting.Girl On The Run is not only a story about a girl who force herself to keep fit and healthy, although it's quite inspiring (for me), but I also admired Abby's first motivation to start running. It's pretty selfishless and based on her kind and caring heart to help friend, which is amazing since first of all she's really not a running person, and the thought of running always made her giddy.Abby is also a passionate enterpreneur. She built her own web design company and keep it growing. She loved her job and honored by her employee. The romance story is cute. Oh, I loved you Tom.. Overall it's a very entertaining book.

  • Nina Draganova
    2019-03-25 19:34

    Нося се волно на вълната на смеха и ми е леко и хубаво.Харесвам достойнството на главната героиня Аби Роджърс в този роман. Волята й да успее в благородното си дело.Тук отново има от всичко по малко - любов, предателства, силни и не толкова мъже. Приятелства . Нещата от живота.

  • Leah
    2019-04-05 19:42

    Abby Rogers is the least health-conscious 28-year-old you’re ever likely to meet and her only concession to healthy eating is eating on blueberry muffin instead of her usual two. So when her best friend Jess invites her to her running club, Abby can think of no worse way to spend her time. However, the thought of seeing Dishy Doctor Oliver on a regular basis propels her to say yes. After a disastrous first session, puking included, Abby vows to never run again. Until she finds out something shocking about friend and co-worker Heidi and soon Abby’s running for more than just the fun of it.I am a huge, huge fan of Jane Costello. In fact, that’s an understatement. I’m a massive fan. As soon as I read her second novel The Nearly-Weds I was hooked. I then devoured Bridesmaids and, more recently, My Single Friend. So it’s safe to say that when I saw a fourth novel up on Amazon called Girl on the Run, I was excited! Jane’s novels are always a pleasure to read, and the pages just fly by for me whenever I read her novels. So when I received a copy of Girl in the Run I was bursting to read it (just my luck I was busy finishing off two books in a series) but I cleared them out quickly and finally, finally I got to read Girl on the Run and I bloomin’ loved it.Girl on the Run is, as you might expect, about running. A new trend in Chick Lit it has to be said with Fiona Gibson releasing a novel about running earlier in the year called Mum on the Run. Obviously, the motivation behind the running in both novels is to get fit, but with Girl in the Run, it’s also about raising funds. I don’t want to spoil what the funds are for, but you do find out early on in the book so it’s not exactly a big secret. I liked the reasoning behind Abby’s desire to complete a half-marathon and is much better than it solely being about getting fit (despite the fact that that is a big benefit, too). It added gravitas to the plot without being overly contrived.Right from the off, the book had me hooked. Abby runs someone over within the first few pages and I loved her panic when she thought she’d killed the man she’d banged into. And the laughs continue steadily throughout the book. I don’t think a book this year has made me laugh as much as Girl on the Run did. Jane just seems to have a natural affinity for putting comedic moments into her novels. They don’t seem forced, they’re just part and parcel of her characters and bring their personalities to life that bit more. Each page flows perfectly and I was hooked for 455 pages. I was hugely worried about Abby’s fixation with Dishy Doc Oliver, and I did think that might ruin the book for me, but it didn’t.I loved Abby. Seriously, I want to meet this girl. She’s in the exact same mould as Costello’s previous characters: Evie, Lucy and Zoe. She’s warm, she’s funny, she’s the kind of girl you want to be, the kind of girl you want to know. The characters around Abby are just as warm and engaging, from her work colleagues – Heidi, Matt and Priya – to her parents, to her best friend Jess. Even Tom, who Abby runs over at the beginning, comes back into the book (which delighted me no end, let me tell you). Seriously, of all the Chick Lit males I’ve put my name to (Luke Brandon and Johnny Jefferson amongst others), Tom has shot up the list, he was a fantastic character and I loved the banter between him and Abby. I didn’t much take to Oliver, the Dishy Doc, he just rubbed me up the wrong way, from that very first meeting with Abby.I knew the ending of Girl on the Run from page 5. Why, then, did I love the book so much? I hear you ask. Because of what it took to get there. For me, when I’m reading a Chick Lit novel, knowing who my main character is going to end up with is meant to be predictable. I’m meant to know, loud and clear. For me, the getting there is what makes the book for me. What turns the plot takes, what obstacles get in the way and although I’d love a romance that takes the bull by the horns and doesn’t take until 10 pages before the end to get going, I doubt that’s every going to happen so the distractions in novels like Girl on the Run are what I judge the book on. Along with the plot and characters and writing style. Jane Costello has one of the most pleasurable writing styles I’ve read, her chapters are short and snappy and allow for that ‘Just one more…’ feeling and the fact she narrates from her main character’s point of view makes it all the better. I was surprised by Girl on the Run, by how much I loved it because there’s always a nagging doubt that this will be the book that might not be as good as the previous ones, but for me, this was Jane at her best and I lapped up every page.

  • Becky Johnson
    2019-04-13 21:40

    Such a great read the second time around as much as the first. I was in the mood for a motivating chick lit and this one flew into my mind and well here we are. An unfit woman that owns a small business and is quite humorous, decides to start running thanks to a guy she is interested in and that lasted well I guess one run. She then found out her friend and employee, has been diagnosed with the beginnings of MS (multiple sclerosis) so Abby decides to raise money and train for a half marathon for her. So motivating, funny, romantic and exactly what I needed.

  • Aline Ramos
    2019-04-05 22:57

    divertido! adorei . Não tem romance meloso (o que nao curto) e tb trata de outros temas serios. A Jane Costello já é uma das minhas autoras preferidas de chick lit.

  • Emma
    2019-04-14 19:51

    This book instead of giving me a happy gateway depressed me.The pivot around which the book revolves is one of the characters having an incurable, progressive disease that can target young woman! Why? Why put that in a supposedly care-free book.Than there are other bad traits(view spoiler)[ The best friend is obnoxious, she behaves badly towards everybody, and they all forgive her!!! It was not believable that when the heroin discovers that she slept with the guy she had a crush on forever she just says it's ok. Even if you don't like the guy anymore surely your best friend lying to you and going behind your back is not something to ignore.Some parts of the book are not well developed either, at a certain point one guy goes from being a one date to being a steady boyfriend even if you basically never hear of him until the end of the book, ???(hide spoiler)]This book was hard to finish, irritating, and depressing. I would not suggest it!

  • Syl
    2019-03-25 22:53

    All the usual chicklit plots were there - late twenties girl, chubby but good looking and hates her looks, insecurity regarding males and relationships, struggling financially (for a change , this one was moderately well off at least in the beginning), falls for wrong guy while right guy is right in front of her nose, realizes it at the end, and somehow ekes out a happy ending, not only for her, but for all her friends as well. It was funny and quick paced. Would recommend this as a light read, and to all chicklit fans.

  • Michelle Lynne
    2019-04-11 23:46

    2.5 stars from me. If you LOVE Sophie Kinsella, you will TOLERATE Jane Costello. She's compared to this highly talented author and she doesn't even hold a candle to her. It was an OK plot but just disappointing.. I don't think she should have been compared to Kinsella.

  • Lavinia D
    2019-04-08 20:01

    I loved this book! It was well written, funny and the characters were great! This book is the proof that a story doesn't need graphic descriptions of sex in order to be sexy. Oh boy and it was! The only downsize was that the I found the ending to be a bit...abrupt. But, still, great book!

  • Wajeeha
    2019-04-14 18:35

    Spoiler Alert!!the whole thing with Oliver was so lame. She is mad about him for months and doesn't realize his true nature. And then all of a sudden, in a matter of 2 days, she finds out that he is a player and that she is in love with Tom. Really!

  • Hannah
    2019-03-27 20:48

    I really enjoyed this book up until the ending which I felt was abit rushed so I'd say it was 4.5 rather than a 5

  • Rea Cobb
    2019-04-17 01:50

    I need to put my hands up and say I am a new fan or Jane Costello! I recently read and reviewed one of her books. My Single Friend and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait to get started on another one so I didn’t hesitate when I saw Girl On The Run I knew it was coming home with me!PlotAbby Rogers has been on health kicks before – they involve eating one Blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two.But since starting her own business after too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old’s waistline has taken even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life. When she’s encouraged to join her sporty best friend’s running club – by none other than its gorgeous new captain – she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise.Sadly, her first session doesn’t go to plan. Between the leggings that resemble strawberry-flavoured condoms and the fact that her lungs feel as though they’ve been set on fire, she vows never to return. Then her colleague Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life – and Abby’s – forever.My OpinionThis is the first author whose work I cannot compare to any other Authors books I have read. Jane Costello really has an edge to her writing which I adore! I had always been put off reading any of Costello’s books by the front cover as they never really appealed to me but then this is definitely where the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” comes into light! I found whilst reading Girl on the Run I received some strange looks from my partner due to me keep laughing aloud whilst reading this book. I found that things that our main character Abby was doing I could see myself doing in her position and I think because this felt so life like it did make me laugh imagining me in her shoes.From the first chapter I was gripped. I was a little unsure if I was going to like this book as much as My single Friend as when I read this books synopsis I was a little unsure if it was going to be for me as it was clearly about keeping fit which is something I am afraid of! (I write this review with a bag of Maltesers next to me!)Luckily it is clear from the start of the book that Abby has the same feelings about keeping fit as me so I felt I could relate to her character. I absolutely loved our main character Abby she feels so down to earth to read, and is so witty without realising it but this only makes her character even more entertaining to read. I did find the whole romance part of the book a little predictable but this didn’t ruin the book as it is such a light hearted entertaining read. Although I found the book comical and light hearted read there is an deeper part of the book which is the reason why Abby starts the whole keep fit regime and I think the way Costello brings this topic into her storyline is done very gently and brings enough awareness to grab the reader’s attention without going overboard. We learn a lot about a terrible illness without actually realising we are being educated on the signs and symptoms of what can be such a debilitating illness.What I also loved was the short chapters. Each chapter was only 3-4 pages long which really helped me this week with work being chaotic this week It allowed me to pick up the odd chapter here and there as that is one thing I cannot do is leave a chapter mid way.I would defiantly recommend this book and I would not hesitate in rating it a top 5 stars as this is a book which you just cannot find faults. I cannot wait for the next Jane Costello book, let’s hope she doesn’t keep us waiting too long!Book review also on my blog

  • Best Crime Books & More
    2019-04-14 23:56

    I have never read any of Jane Costello's work but due to reading her favourable reviews on Amazon I decided to give it a go. Thankfully, I can now add her to my never ending list of authors that I MUST continue reading.The book is just shy of 470 pages and I must admit it took me less than ten pages to fall in love with the main character Abby. In addition to that, Jane Costello's style of writing is genius. She writes genuinely but with such wit and humour injected into the characters that I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion.The story itself is as suggested by the title about a girl on the run. Unsurprisingly the whole book is about Abby's quest to run and the reasons surrounding her decision to go ahead with it. This may seem a flimsy plot for the book but Jane Costello has managed to execute it to perfection.In addition to Abby, I seemed to love all the other characters in the book (with the exception of Oliver; who I can't imagine anybody liking)) and we see small threads of all of their lives as the book progresses. The outcome and ending were what I expected from very early on but that is no surprise to me, and I think that the majority of readers will find that to their liking.There is something so enjoyable about the way Jane Costello writes and the natural flow of characters; it has been a while since I have read a new author that has all that in this genre. I genuinely loved every part of this book, and I found myself finishing it in just over a day. A truly enjoyable and funny read and I can't wait to read her other books. If you haven't given her books a go, you might want to start now, trust me, you won't regret it!

  • Sx
    2019-04-01 20:51

    This book went from cringeworthy to passable in the span of 455 pages. The first few situations were just too embarrassing I suffered from second hand embarrassment and started questioning whether I even wanted to finish the book. It does pick up after Heidi's life changing announcement, and ends off decently, with everything wrapping up nicely then double knotted with a bow just to be sure. Perhaps it was the classic case of "it's not you, it's me" that explains the three star rating - I get that 'Girl on the Run' is perfectly enjoyable, but we just lacked that chemistry. It opens with an unfortunate car accident which could only mean that our leads are meeting for the first time. Each time Abby Rogers encounters Tom, something so embarrassing happens that we can only conclude that in chick lit speak, it means they are meant to be. I get her physical attraction to him but I wished we delved a bit more into their conversations with each other to understand how Tom came to be smitten with her. Her journey to run was much more inspiring, as with the parallel between her parent's relationship together with Jess' relationship with Adam. While it wasn't a bad book, it just didn't appeal to me. Oh well, at least I made it to the finish line. May the next run be a better one.

  • Agi
    2019-04-22 21:34

    Four stars for the book itself and one star for the very important issues that Jane is writing about.This book was lovely and funny, it comes to Costello so easy to write with so much fun and joy! I loved the characters from the very beginning, they are all so real, and all the situations are so real, they can happen to every one. Abby is so believable in this what she does, and I know exactly what she feels and how she copes (not:) with all the sport - y and diet - y thing, as I am doing exactly the same now (i.e. sport and diet...)It is so up - lifiting book, even when the writing is about a very serious illness. A kind of fairy tale as well, but who deisn't like a fairy tale in her life? I really enjoye this book, it had me from the very start. It was so light and warm, just my kind of book:)

  • Sana
    2019-04-09 22:39

    This book has a very boring plot and it keeps on dragging. Characters were all one dimensional, with heroin having trademark British clumsiness and hero having trademark British coolness (though not in a good way). It has a very cold love story, this is the problem I have encountered with a lot of British novels, in order to make the character looks cool and natural they suck out every warmth from any romantic relationship. The opposite can be said for most of the American novel, they overdo it. Plus it was not written well, with some really underdeveloped situations and scenarios, hence 1 star.

  • Zainab Sheikh
    2019-04-10 17:54

    I love this novel. A fun chick-lit and it's really very interesting and funny. I smiled and laughed lots of times. The main character, Abby, is very relatable. She's just like me. She hates (hated, actually) running and loves food. I love Tom's character. He's really charming. And I hate Doctor Dishy. He's flirting with every other girl. I love the ending. Overall, it's fun, entertaining and enjoyable.For more, Click Here

  • Molly
    2019-03-25 20:33

    Girl On the Run is a pretty standard chick lit novel: there's a main female character who's successful at work but not in her love life, there's a charming leading man, and the two fail to realize they're falling in love with each other and blunder around until the final moments when everything comes together perfectly. Sometimes it's nice to read something predictable but fun and Girl On The Run certainly fills that need.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-19 23:47

    This book is what it is: light-hearted and nothing too difficult, perfect for reading on a beach (or if you're running away from something particularly strenuous as I currently am). A little bit predictable but that's not always such a bad thing - it's nice, sometimes, to know everything's going to work out -, and this story has a serious edge to it to stop it from being so light it floats away.

  • Isabella
    2019-04-11 17:54

    A bit too sad the disease part, usually when I read a Chick-lit is for easy breezy ...Plus the story was ok but not incredible, I had guessed most of the intended unexpected turns... also I think the best friend is horrible!!!! She gets off the hook too easily in my opinion after all she does.

  • Siobhan Johnson
    2019-04-10 18:53

    He's a real catch . . . if only she could catch him upAbby Rogers has been on a health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. But since starting her own business, after watching one too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old's waistline has even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life.When Abby is encouraged to join her sporty best friend's running club - by none other than it's gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious complication to exercise.Sadly her first session doesn't go to plan. Between the obscenely unflattering pink leggings, and the fact that her lungs feel as though they've been set on fire. Abby vows never to return.Then her colleague. Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life - and Abby's - forever. Girl on the Run is the first book by Jane Costello that I have read and I loved it. Abby Rogers is extremely likeable and more importantly, believable. Abby is running her own business during difficult times; she wants nothing more than to be as a successful as her own entrepreneur mother. The hours she spends in the office and on the way to meetings are mounting up and she is persuaded to take up running as a hobby. Her best friend Jess is a member of the club and introduces her to the dishy single doctor, Oliver who is the captain; Abby starts to think that the running club may have a certain attraction. When one of Abby's employees is taken seriously ill, Abby decides to combine her new hobby with a good cause and signs up to run a half marathon for charity. I don't want to give the plot away by talking about the illness but I did feel that Jane Costello dealt with it admirably. The writing was particularly sensitive and well researched.Abby loves the running club, she loves to see Oliver and also becomes very friendly with Tom who is also a member. Tom is off limits though as he has a long term girlfriend, so why is it that Abby can't get Tom out of her head when it is Oliver who is single and there for the taking?Girl on the Run is a very up-lifting read and it definitely had me reaching for my running shoes

  • Jessica Milner
    2019-04-24 19:52

    So this one surprised me. After picking it up in a charity shop for something to read in my lunch hour, i was thinking it was going to just be an easy breezy romance.It waseasy to read, but i found i really wanted to read it and know what happened. I liked Abby as our main character and it was great seeing a heroine who hates excercise and eats all the time, like me. The romance was sweet, though it involved a lot of miscommunication at the end, so if you don't like that just be aware that's something that goes on through the whole novel because of various storylines. So it was predicatable, but it was fun. And funny.The other minor problem was that i felt certain points where a little anti climactic. Certain characters who I did not like did not get their commupance and didn't grow or change, and then the ones who did - well it all felt a little convinient. BUT overall i did really like this book and I read it really quickly.

  • Laura Elizabeth
    2019-04-01 19:59

    Genuinely really enjoyed this. I is fairly generic chick lit, but if that's what you're looking for, this delivers in buckets. I listened via Audible and found myself staying up late to keep listening! It had multiple intertwining storylines which stopped it being boring and like every other chick lit out there. A couple of moments had me laughing out loud. Not as predictable as most chick lits out there. A good, relaxing, easy read.

  • Antonia
    2019-03-27 01:45

    This was a fairly easy and enjoyable listen though not nearly as funny or well written as other books I've read by Jane Costello. I found the main character slightly annoying at first and unaware of what was obviously happening in the lives of those closest to her. However, it is a heart-warming story with not only romance but friendships at it's core.

  • Jules
    2019-03-29 20:39

    This is not the first book by Jane Costello and I must say I really enjoy reading her books. This time I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes!Abby is a great gal, a little lazy, likes to eat unhealthy...very relatable! But she is also so very lovable. I would love to be friends with a girl like her. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone who wants to have fun while reading it.